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New Neo Z with Intel Braswell

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Quincy, Sep 8, 2015.

  1. Snakebite

    Snakebite Active Member

  2. red eye

    red eye Member

    So it commes with Windows 10 pre installed ?, so that make the price bigger, the question is :does the cd Windows 10 comes with the box ? The answer is maybe no .
    This is one point how is not realy cool from all pc salers
    If one day you need format your box, pc.....you dont have the cd !
    Shure you have the key number (lizens) but if you cant download, virus, driver problèmes, hdd problèmes ...
    Then you have a big problème !!
    Do you realy want use a dowloaded windows ?
    At long time its better to have windows install cd
    So you need to buy a cd with a new lizens key number
    You need external usb cd writer/player to for instal a windows.....

    This box with integrated blu ray player
    Without lizens , oppen to instal all i want, linux, windows 7, 10........
    so this change the prize, a Windows cd -lizens cost~100 euro in france
    the same box with android
    So i dont need Windows, Windows cd , external usb cd player, writer....

    Maybe one day i can use blu ray player with android
    Maybe one day this blu ray player would be integrated in a android box , one day..
  3. RMP888

    RMP888 New Member

    so don't think about buying it and maybe one day you might be happy that you didn't.
  4. red eye

    red eye Member

    Its not a problème for me, i have 2 windows 7 cd, 32+64bit , i have also external blu ray player,
    Its just a lizens problème, this history of pre installed Windows without cd...
  5. Gh0st

    Gh0st Australia's Finest Since 1981 Administrator

    Forgive me if Im being ignorant, I'm not well acquainted with Win 10 and also have my own copies of Windows 7.
    Couldn't you just do a factory reset of Windows? There is usually a recovery partition & from memory a factory reset wipes everything and brings Windows back to it's original state.
    Also you can actually download a Windows 10 image of the MS website for free. You dont need optical media for it, use a program (MS even has one) to "burn" the image to a USB stick.
    Most people have one and all you need is a 4GB one. Install Windows with that and as you stated, you already have the license so you have everything you need
  6. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    If you are infering that you would like to use Windows 7 cd's that you already have, then I beleive that it is not supported on these new devices.
  7. red eye

    red eye Member

    ???? why
  8. red eye

    red eye Member

    I am 42years old , i know how to install Windows with usb stick
    My first pc was commodore, amiga....

    Why you have Windows 7 on cd if you can download it ? ;-)
    Thats exactly what i say :better have cd

    What about bios from these new box ?
  9. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

  10. red eye

    red eye Member

    I read this villa but its not written why ,
    It cant be driver problème, al driver exist, usb, sound, video.....
    So why i can not install windows 7 ? If there is a simple ssd inside, boot from cd......
    It sale with Windows 10, 32bit ?
    Does it use the 4g ram ?because 32bit Windows just use 3, 5g ram normaly
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2015
  11. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    It's something to do with the UEFI BIOS.

    A quick Google search came up with this...

    Legacy BIOS Mode

    Many computers with UEFI firmware will allow you to enable a legacy BIOS compatibility mode. In this mode, the UEFI firmware functions as a standard BIOS instead of UEFI firmware. This can help improve compatibility with older operating systems that weren’t designed with UEFI in mind — Windows 7, for example.

    If your PC has this option, you’ll find it in the UEFI settings screen. You should only enable this if necessary.
  12. red eye

    red eye Member

    Hmm i use asus mini itx motherboard with i7 2700k, , Windows 7 64 bit..my motherboard have uefi bios, i install the Windows and it works with the intel hd 3000 graphic from the 2700k...no problème it works perfect, no instal probleme, i just select boot from cd......
    The options in my bios , the compatibily choices is for xp.....no need compatybility mode for Windows 7,
    I never have problemes to instal Windows 7 on a pc with or without uefi bios
    You say it not work, ok ...
    Better try myself
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2015
  13. WeK05

    WeK05 Audio Visual Master Specialist

    You can install Window 7 64-bit on 64-bit systems (UEFI and processor are 64-bit). Z64W has 32-bit UEFI and 64-bit processor. Windows 7 cannot be installed on such "mix-up" systems.
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  14. red eye

    red eye Member

    Wow cool , 64 bit processor with 32 bit uefi, with 64bit Windows 10, with 4 go ram but
    Sodim in single Chanel ?
    Is this serious ?
    Oh s....t
    Why need ssd in a net book box ? For win 2 secondes on starting ?
    Sorry that i say net book box but its not more
    Strong enough for surfing in net (this i can do with old pentium 4)
    Not strong enough for gaming (i say gaming not playing cheese or solitaire)
    Strong enough for streming (for stream mkv...dual processor is enough)
    Does the last cubase or pinnacle works properly without freeze on this box ?
    Is this box strong enough to work seriously with it ?

    Seriously , i dont know the price from this new box , but it seems better buy mini itx motherboard,
    I3,I5 processor, 2x2g ram for dual chanel, smal /slim cases from akasa.....if you realy need Windows to work seriously with it and want a very small case like minix boxes

    Or buy minix neo x8h plus android box, strong enough for streaming, gaming, and work with it without frezze on android, i try the same like cubase on android,(i have audio record studio at home )it works perfect !
    Next steep try a video ap like pinacle for make my full hd videos on android

    Thats why i change to android box (Minix neo x8h plus) all this "net books"are just strong enough to go Facebook and play solitaire....

    Its like the archos 9 windows tablet, with ssd, dual processor.. that i buy there are ~ 4years
    I used it, no better say i try to use it, , Windows 7 starter......then xp....today this "tablet"is storage in a case under the bed...i prefere use my android box like htpc, its faster, i can make more things with it, no driver problèmes , no need Windows update.....today on 2015/2016 android is the best choice you can do to have htpc at home with the simplest user expérience how existfor everybody, why ? How many peopel use
    android phones, , tablette...? User frendly, my childrens 8-10years old have android phones and they know how to use theme.....
    I dont want make publicities for android or other...
    Its just to say the reality of the things ...dont missunderstand it plz

    For the x8h plus :its 97% perfect just need second screen out , usb 3,and make working touchscreen , then i give it 100%
    So i waiting on the next android minix box with this 3% moore

    There are a lot of peopel here how want the touchscreen drivers , i ask a lot of time her in forum, how many time it takes to make a small instal programme with the driver for my minix ? 1 or 2 days ?, with all the peopel how are asking here to have it i dont understand why minix dont make this install driver package , put it on play store and sale it !! The 1 ore 2 days you need to make it was pay large with all the peopel how need this driver !!
    Or give it free for all minix users after register the serial number from the device.....

    I contact hardware guru (link in the banner from minix forum) they make custom rooms....i send email there are 3 weeks to ask price, no answer at this time!! :-(

    So i hope that minix change a littel bit the marketing , you want make money ?
    Give the peopel what they want and they will buy it!
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2015
  15. midnight

    midnight Moderator Moderator

    Sorry if this is a silly question but will there be a Android version do you think ??
  16. WeK05

    WeK05 Audio Visual Master Specialist

    My mistake! I should have mentioned that my post was with reference to the Bay Trail Z64W. I have no idea about the Braswell Z64. If Windows 64-bit can be installed on it, then it means that the UEFI is 64-bit. If so, you could install Windows 7 on it, but I am not sure whether you will be able to find drivers for it.
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  17. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    I wouldn't think so.
  18. red eye

    red eye Member

    Its wondering me this hystory of you can not install other windows.....i forget :there is no flash room inside so its shure you can instal other windows normaly , but does this change so mutch things ? I dont thing so....

    Yes i thing that minix make a new box with android :if you have a good product do you stop to make a new one better ? Normaly no

    Shure better cpu and more ram(with Windows you need more ram) but at the end you dont make more with this box , you just make smoke the brain a littel bit more , to make work theme, need codecs, drivers....its windows !
    At this point android box is user friendly ..plug and play

    The minix neo x8h plus is the flag ship and its not a "stronger "Windows net book
    how will take the place from the flag ship android !

    Ssd , 4g ram, windows lizens...all this components have a price (take a look from intern
    120g ssd on Google i have one in my pc , it coast ~90euro)
    Finaly you will have a very expensive net box , not strong enough for seriously working with it.
    -android boxes start faster and have better reaction as a Windows pc with ssd ! Tested
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2015
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  19. midnight

    midnight Moderator Moderator

    Good points red eye !!...someone is interested in my X7. I'm holding him off for as along as I can to wait and see what the new Minix products look like and how they are priced.....more ram is a good selling feature I think
  20. red eye

    red eye Member

    Dont sale it midnight , you can use it in bathroom, garage, kitchen with small screen....., for hear music, internet radio....or use it to go internet for the children........

    Personaly :Better sale the z64a , for good price and buy x8hplus

    More ram ? With android 2-3 g ram is enough
    With Windows 4g ram (dual chanel ;-) ) is standart in 2015
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2015
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