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New OTA Update 2017-10-20

Discussion in 'NEO U9-H' started by Goran, Oct 21, 2017.

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  1. Goran

    Goran New Member

    I have available for download new OTA update on my U9-H:
    - Version number: MHC19J.20171020
    - Version size: 736,04 MB
    - Release date: 2017-10-20

    Is this safe to install, or this is infamous FW007?
  2. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    You're good to go! It is FW007A (y)
  3. Robi052

    Robi052 New Member

    Now you have MHC19J.20171021
  4. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    All we have is FW007A

    As far as I can tell...
    1st image - When one checks for update System update app reports MHC19J.20171020
    2nd image - When one checks after the update the System update app reports MHC19J.20171021
    3rd image - Build number, Speaks for itself!

    Before update...


    After update...


    Build number...

  5. jimwc09

    jimwc09 New Member

    Yup it's actually 20171020.
  6. Harley777dude

    Harley777dude Member

    New update FW007A is working perfectly! Thanks Minix!
  7. Jazebov

    Jazebov Member

    With new one, problem is solved with Play store app issue. Good work guys :)
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  8. Goran

    Goran New Member

    Play Store problem is solved. But I found another problem that, I think, it wasn't in FW007.
    There is some overlap between Status Bar and Chrome. Also found the same in You Tube app.
    Anyone else have same problem, or is it just me?
    And how to solve it?
    I don't wanna hide Status Bar as a solution.

    Screenshot_20171023-095432.png Screenshot_20171023-101721.png
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  9. jimwc09

    jimwc09 New Member

    Same. Had to hide the bar otherwise it blocks the bottom of the apps. However I am not sure if this is a problem introduced by the latest firmware or it is always like that in older firmwares.
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  10. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    As far as I am aware it has always been like that.
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  11. Goran

    Goran New Member

    Just to avoid misunderstanding, I'm talking about the top. Status bar is covering Chrome tabs and YouTube search bar. True, the lower bar also interferes, but that's not such a big problem. You can scroll and avoid lower bar. But Status bar at the top makes Chrome tabs almost invisible and harder to access. That should be fixed.

    In FW006 it was like this, but I vaguely remember that in FW007 was OK.
  12. jimwc09

    jimwc09 New Member

    I get it now. Mine is always hidden unless I drag it down.

    I see...

    By the way, I lost video signal but sound is playing fine just now. It only happened while playing videos. All video players exhibited the same problem. Had to turn off the system and turn it on again to fix the problem.
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2017
  13. dedstik

    dedstik New Member

    OTA FW update did the trick. Well done and thanks.
  14. Fluss

    Fluss New Member

    I am having problems updating to FW007A OTA. Tried the usual clearing OS partition and app caches, unplugging external HDD. I haven't tired nuking the SD card and reformatting, as I figure I may as well do a factory reset if it comes to it. All I get is Android bot error logo on reboot after patch unzips. I have tired 3 times to update OTA.

    Can someone help me find the link to manually update my U9-H via USB update?
    I must be blind because I can't find it anywhere on the forum. :whistle:

    thanks folks.
  15. dedstik

    dedstik New Member

    My first OTA update to the new FW was unsuccessful. In my case I forgot to disconnect my VPN (IPVanish)
    before starting the update. Once the VPN was off line the update went smoothly.
  16. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    It's not been released yet. For some reason the MINIX dev team appear to be very quiet presently! o_O
  17. Fluss

    Fluss New Member

    Thanks dedstik, that did the trick. Although, not sure why downloading the package over VPN would have caused the failure to apply the update on reboot? But thanks for the advice, now showing updated FW007A. :)
  18. dedstik

    dedstik New Member

  19. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

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