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New Sections (Please read it will answer likely questions)

Discussion in 'NEO Z64 Windows 10/8.1' started by Gh0st, Jan 23, 2015.

  1. ironman_USAPT

    ironman_USAPT New Member

    The windows running in the Minix is a full version of Windows. So, whatever you can run on your Windows 8 PC, it will run here.

    I won´t be able to tell you exactly what apps will or will not run. But, if they are compatible with windows 8, they will certainly run.

  2. cool

    cool Active Member

    Can we install regular exe's Like the same way we do in Laptop & Pcs
    Please confirm
  3. Gh0st

    Gh0st Australia's Finest Since 1981 Administrator

    If it works on a PC with Windows it should run on the Z64
  4. Luclux

    Luclux New Member

    You can install silverlight and video streaming sopcast and acestream?
  5. ironman_USAPT

    ironman_USAPT New Member

    Yes. if you see the Desktop in windows demo, then you aure can.

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  6. ironman_USAPT

    ironman_USAPT New Member

    you can, as long as it is compatible with windows 8.1. If the quetion is: "may I install .exe programs on the minix?", the answer is YES

    Windows RT is for ARM processors. Its not the full version of Windows, only letting you install native windows apps.
  7. Shawzborne

    Shawzborne Member

    Will Minix attempt to acquire a intel Multi audio driver as soon as they can for the windows model?
  8. pleven4ever

    pleven4ever New Member

    Since there was announcement that Windows 7 and 8 users will get free upgrades to Windows 10, I'm guessing that the owners of the Z64W will be also benefited with future Win10 upgrade?
  9. Tim-APCR

    Tim-APCR Member

    I just got one of the Z64 Windows versions and will be posting a review of it soon. Does anyone have anything specific that they'd like me to test on it? Any burning compatibility questions?
  10. WeK05

    WeK05 Audio Visual Master Specialist

    It will be nice if you can test whether audio passthrough is supported or not.
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  11. pleven4ever

    pleven4ever New Member

    The whole KODI experience under Win8.1 will be interesting also - ups and downs with the addons, since this is the main reasom for this box.
  12. Grumpy

    Grumpy New Member

    I'd like to know if the built-in IR receiver works with Kodi. I know that no remote is shipping with the Windows version of the z64 but does the IR work with a Harmony to control Kodi?

    Also, does a USB hub work? I assume so, but you never know!

  13. Davo

    Davo New Member

    I am interested in getting one to use for astro video recording. Could you check on whether you can capture video from a camera and save to an external disk drive? Do you drop any frames at higher video frame rates and sizes?

    many thanks, Dave
  14. Tim-APCR

    Tim-APCR Member

    Hey guys. Thanks for the input. I should have the full review posted later today, but I've got some preliminary results.

    @Grumpy : I don't have a Harmony remote to test with, but I was able to try it with the IR remote from the Android version of the Z64. Bad news: No luck there getting it to work from within Windows or Kodi, which is to be expected. Good news: every single airmouse I tried so far has worked - at least for the main functions. The MINIX M1 and A2, Tronsmart TSM-01 and Probox2 all worked fine for me. It was a brief test. I didn't dive into the functionality of each, so there may be the odd button that didn't map correctly from the start. But that should be pretty rare.

    USB hub worked. Mine is a no-name powered hub, so your mileage may vary, but I'd be shocked if one didn't work, to be honest.

    @pleven4ever : Kodi was pretty good. I've got it hooked up to a 4K Samsung UD590. It maxed out at 1920x1080 so no luck on 4K. To be honest though, even my desktop with a mid-level graphics card can sometimes stutter on 4K with this monitor. 1080p worked just fine. I've recorded some video which will show the results. That'll be on my site's full review, as well as on my YouTube page. Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with the 1080p playback.

    @Davo : The only cam I've got, other than my DSLR is my Logitech C525. I used the Logitech app which worked with no problems, even saving to an external drive.

    I'll post the review here when it's done. Keep the requests coming!
  15. Davo

    Davo New Member

    @@Davo : The only cam I've got, other than my DSLR is my Logitech C525. I used the Logitech app which worked with no problems, even saving to an external drive.
    I'll post the review here when it's done. Keep the requests coming!

    Many thanks Tim - that is very encouraging. Something else you might check is whether you can install new software onto a TF card and whether this affects runtime performance.

  16. Tim-APCR

    Tim-APCR Member

    I would assume so, because Windows looks at every drive (internal or external) the same, for the most part. I don't believe you could completely install it on a card though. Almost all Windows programs will involve some sort of config settings (or registry settings for older programs) on the C drive. But I'll give it a shot tonight.

    I've got the YouTube video up now. I wasn't thrilled with the first draft of the article, so I'm re-writing it tonight.
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  17. Davo

    Davo New Member

    Great video Tim - I'm sold. A Windows PC for little more than the price of Windows!

    You are probably right about apps on other drives. I just wondered what you would do if you filled up the stock C drive and still wanted to install software.

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  18. Tim-APCR

    Tim-APCR Member

    Ahh. Well on my desktop PC I make a habit of installing everything on a different hard drive and only keep the C drive for the OS. You can still do something similar with the Z64. Performance might be a bit laggy since its only a USB 2.0 bus, but most things should run from memory or online anyway.
  19. platinumblae

    platinumblae New Member

    So how much FPS do we get on League of Legends or World of Warcraft? :D
  20. Tim-APCR

    Tim-APCR Member

    Overall, I was really impressed. Its definitely not a gaming PC, but the GPU is more than enough to play videos through XBMC\Kodi in 1080p. Windows performance was snappy and responsive. And for everyone wondering about device compatibility, I still haven't found anything Windows certified that didn't work.

    Full review here: http://androidpcreview.com/minix-neo-z64-windows-8-1-minipc/2208/
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