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Newbie question

Discussion in 'NEO U1' started by pjd, Jan 5, 2018.

  1. pjd

    pjd New Member


    This is my first posting here
    I am planning to buy an minix u1 with a2 mouse next week which is now about 120 euro in the netherlands as a package . My first minix actually. I did a lot of reading the past few days. My main concern now is that i read that kodi 17 does not support amcodec anymore but only mediacodec? So how well will the video files play now from my nas ((most 1080p files)? And is the u1 the best choice? What xbmc do most u1 users use here? The xbmc minix edition or kodi 17.x?
  2. krash

    krash New Member

    I use U1 but run LibreElec, private fork, with Kodi 17.x.. woks OK but I have no NAS only streamed fro net data.
    I keep the Andoid and my U1 FW updated but almost never boot that side. Libre is loaded and run form SD card.
  3. CybeRider

    CybeRider Active Member

    That is a great choice. Although U1 can't deal with HDR 4K files. It does apparently better than the more recent U9H in all other file types. It brings Minix XBMC preinstalled, and this preinstalled version supports amcodec. Only actual reason to have Kodi 17 might be the use of the unofficial addons for (eventually) pirated content. Both readers will do very well for 1080p content, although some HEVC content might require small adjustments in Kodi settings to remove slight stutter. That price is amazing. You won't regret it. (y)

    I'm not sure if someone will assure you about you question regarding Minix XBMC 17.4 supporting amcodec in total but according to my testing I would reccomend:

    Keep to Minix XBMC 16.3 and add Kodi 17.*
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  4. pjd

    pjd New Member

    Oke thx... I see minix is now working on 17.4 xbmc edition... Will this edition support hardware acceleration eventually?
  5. pjd

    pjd New Member

    Is the 16.3 an official minix edition release? In this forum i see 15.3 as the latest version? And 16.3 only as beta?
  6. CybeRider

    CybeRider Active Member

    The fact it is Beta just means it is being subject to further improvements (not likely to happen since it looked urgent to put out 17.4 to resolve the https issue). If you wish the Official Final, you have 15.3, don't expect benefits, 16.3 is later and great.

    Your answer has never been replyed so far, as much as others did try to often find close answers to close questions:

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