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NFS Sharing: Kodi can't see files in folder.

Discussion in 'NEO U9-H' started by jonnyben, Jul 29, 2018.

  1. jonnyben

    jonnyben New Member

    So, it's been about 4 hours now i've been messing about with this box and after initially finding that Plex wont scrape the posters I also found that it doesn't even play back 1080p smoothly.

    So I am now going to use Kodi to serve my media, I tried the SMB share last night and that didn't work becuas it said 'operation denied', so now I am trying NFS and when add a new source and then browse for the NFS folder I can see it and enter it but the files I have added to those folders are not seen in Kodi, does anyone know what the hell is going on with this?


  2. pusb87

    pusb87 Well-Known Member Trusted Helper

    try looking here for starters >> https://kodi.wiki/view/Video_library

    and the u9 -h is pefectly capable of playing 1080p so theres no need for any stupid comments like " How can this player be sold as 4K compatible when it doesn't even play 1080p files smoothly?"
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  3. agcooper

    agcooper New Member

    i had the same problem with SMB share from a windows 10 Pc

    but trying the Kodi 18 beta seemed to work

    ES file explorer works smoothly using MX player

    YMMV of course
  4. Norvarg

    Norvarg New Member

    Does the U9-H support SMB version 2 or/and 3?
    I know SMB1 is disabled by default in Windows10, and my shared files are on a computer running Windows10. I switched on SMB version 1 and now I have no problem with Kodi and SMB shares on my U9-H.
    Also, its very important to name the folders and movies exactly as described in the Kodi forum, if not the scrapes may not work.
  5. MacGyverSG1

    MacGyverSG1 Member

    There's no way I'm making a folder for every movie I have and rename all of the movies. I just have a "Movies" folder, and then I have A-Z sub-folders to organize the movies. I was having trouble with SMB running Windows 7 Pro. I went into the sharing properties and changed the encryption from 128-bit to 40-50 bit. That fixed issues of Kodi asking for username and password to view shared folders (even when password protection was "off").