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NGC-1 help please

Discussion in 'NGC-1' started by Moozer, Jul 28, 2017.

  1. Moozer

    Moozer New Member

    Hello forum.

    Long story as short as possible: using NGC-1 for about a month. Windows kept asking me to scan drive for errors. Used CHKDSK but had to use system image to restore (twice). Seemed OK but then asked me to run another scan. CHKDSK again - rebooted, started scanning and repairing disk, got to 13% then blue screen asking for restart. On restarting it booted to shell. Only boot option is UEFI shell. Disk shows as 20MB unallocated.

    Currently using the machine with Ubuntu Linux from live USB. This is working as usual. I was also running Ubuntu from external HDD before the crash.

    - SSD is gone, right?!
    - will changing the SSD fix this?
    - if so, can anyone give me any guidance on how this is done? (I know nothing about physical PC repairs)

    Thanks in advance.