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NGC-1 Wake Up with Dynamic Time

Discussion in 'NGC-1' started by JRodas, Dec 16, 2016.

  1. JRodas

    JRodas New Member


    I'm wondering how do the BIOS options "Wake system with Fixed Time" and "Wake system with Dynamic Time" work on the Minix NGC-1.

    The only explanation I found on the internet on similar BIOS options for other motherboards with the same AMI bios were:
    • Wake system with Fixed Time: Enable or disable system wake on alarm event. When enabled, system will wake on the hr:min:sec specified.
    • Wake system with Dynamic Time: Enable or disable system wake on alarm event. When enabled, system will wake on the current time + Increase minutes(s).
    What does the "alarm event" mean in both cases?.
    With the second option would it dynamically wake the system up after N minutos after a power failure and power restore?.


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  2. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken MINIX Team Member Administrator

    These options are mainly for industrial customers to use.

    e.g. They want the device to power on itself at a specific time set.
  3. JRodas

    JRodas New Member

    Could you be more specific?

    With the "Wake system with Fixed Time" it's quite clear that the PC can wake up at an specific time of the day.

    But, how the "Wake system with Dynamic Time" works? Would it dynamically wake the system up after N minutes after a power failure and power restore?.

  4. newbie99

    newbie99 Moderator Moderator

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  5. JRodas

    JRodas New Member

    Can anyone with a Minix NGC-1 just try this second dynamic wake up option and explain how it works??.

  6. stonstad

    stonstad New Member

    Any updates around this? Does the dynamic wake-up feature work with NGC-1?
  7. JRodas

    JRodas New Member

    Well, I have finally tried it myself with a real Minix NGC-1 and I can conclude several things about the Power Management features implemented in the BIOS of the Minix NGC-1. All of this works exactly the same with the default BIOS v1.0 that came preinstalled with the hardware, and with the latest BIOS v1.3:
    1. The "Wake system with Fixed Time" WORKS, if and only if, you press the Power button to switch it OFF, i.e. you are in the BIOS or in a Linux console and you directly Power Down the Minix with one button press.
      • It DOES NOT work when you gracefully shutdown (by software) the Minix from Windows (or any other OS using the ACPI functions).
      • It DOES NOT work when you first plug the power cable (and/or after a power cut), without previously power up the computer by pressing the Power button at least once.
    2. The "Wake system with Dynamic Time" DOES NOT work at all. I have tried it after pressing the Power button from the BIOS, after gracefully shutdown the computer from Windows or after a power cut (non graceful shutdown) and power restore of its power adapter. Actually, in the BIOS screen it says that the EuP (Energy Using Product) Control Function should be disabled, but it's not available in the Power Management -> ACPI Settings screen where it should be.
    So with the current and most recent BIOS v1.3 there is always a way to auto-power off the NGC-1 by the OS (ACPI), but there is NO way to auto-power it on at an specific time of the day or dynamic time after a power cut and restore.

    So, I leave here my FEATURE REQUEST to the Minix development team, who were able to implement/add the Wake On LAN (WOL) feature to the latest BIOS v1.3 (which is GREAT!) but please do also consider/review these two Wake On TIME features for the NGC-1, in order to allow the use this fantastic MiniPC in professional scenarios.
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