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No audio after deep sleep.

Discussion in '[Bugtracker] NEO X8/X8-H 002 beta 8 firmware' started by Acidica, Aug 13, 2014.

  1. Acidica

    Acidica New Member

    Im experiencing kind of a bug. When the x8 has been in deep sleep the audio is missing in xbmc when I wake it back up, and when I start a movie it seems like the picture is fast forwarding (I've only tried xbmc, this might affect ather players also). I also dont get the sound effects in xbmc when browsing through menus.

    -Im connected through a reciever via hdmi.
    Usb dongle connected in rear usb port.
    Bluetooth dongle for logitech keyboard in rear port.
    Not rooted
    Official flash method

    The strange thing is that I were able to play music through a music streaming app called WiMP.
    If I reboot the device all is good and back to normal.

    On a brighter note my x8h is finally stable, this is the only firmware I've been stable on since stock firmware.
  2. Dnerve

    Dnerve Active Member

    Weird, perhaps XBMC related? Even though I only sleep. I always exit XBMC when done. It initialises way too many things upon launch for me to expect XBMC to properly support resume from sleep.

    Does the audio go missing from system sounds as well when resuming from sleep?
  3. Acidica

    Acidica New Member

    I do exit xbmc before setting the box to sleep. Regarding system sounds, could you specify what you mean by that? Do you know if there is a difference between sleep and deep sleep? And if so, how long would it take the x8h to get to deep sleep?

    Mabe it is xbmx related, hence the fast forwarding of the movie. And that would explain why there is no sound, problem is that I cant get it to stop fast forward because the box think it's on normal playback.
  4. Dnerve

    Dnerve Active Member

    Sleep/Deep Sleep are the same and it's instant, by only for me I meant I never shutdown.

    As for system sounds, I mean the clicks and notifications.

    Also if XBMC is in a weird loop, keep your home button pressed and you'll exit back to your launcher.
  5. Acidica

    Acidica New Member

    Ohh thats wierd. I just set the box to sleep and woke it back up after 5-10 minutes. Xbmc and system sounds work perfectly. I just noticed this "issue" today since the box had been in sleep mode for 24 hours give or take a few hours. I'll report back if it happens again.

    Thanks for the help anyways m8.
  6. Alladyn

    Alladyn New Member


    Have the same with Minix Neo X8-H Plus (firmware 004) - sometimes
    after recovery from sleep Mode the sound is missing - I am using MX Player.
    The reboot is solving the problem. Any further news about missing audio Acidica ?
  7. scubascuba3

    scubascuba3 Member

    I have no audio either but after 30 seconds or so it comes on
  8. Alladyn

    Alladyn New Member

    Thanks for the info. I have never been so patient to wait 30 seconds :)
    I have changed the sound settings to auto detect and also before sleep
    I kill all open aps - for now it is ok but tried it only for one day so far.