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NO audio from live feeds with LOW SAMPLING-FREQUENCY AUDIO (11kHz or 22.050 kHz)???

Discussion in 'NEO X8-H Plus' started by CRD, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. CRD

    CRD New Member

    NOTE: I incorrectly wrote 'low bitrate' rather than the correct 'low sampling frequency' in the post's title; I have edited my post to reflect the change:

    A question, please; I searched the forums but could not find an answer.

    Does the x8h-plus support aac audio tracks less than 44100 Hz? When I try to watch live sports feeds (e.g. some BatmanStream.com feeds) broadcasting ~11k or 22050 Hz audio, no sound is heard from my minix. Yet when I play the same feed from my pc's Windows 10 Kodi setup, audio is fine.

    I tried changing options in my XBMC for Minix 15.3 on the box, but could not get sound from these feeds. So, DOES THE x8h-plus SUPPORT AUDIO FROM LOW SAMPLING-FREQUENCY LIVE TV FEEDS (11k or 22.05 KHz)?

    Thank you for any help or clarification you may provide!
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  2. CRD

    CRD New Member

    I would appreciate knowing if the x8-h plus CAN play audio on these feeds, at all.
    Or is it some combination of settings I should be using? (I have tried very many settings combinations in both Android and XBMC 15.3 for Minix, but still no sound).

    I attach 3 screen shots, if anyone can help out here:

    - the first two are 2 different sports feeds, showing the tech info after pressing 'O' on the remote.

    - the 3rd is my attempt to enable 'STEREO UPMIX' in the 'Audio and subitle settings' onscreen submenu, while the stream is playing. The working circle spins in a very jerky fashion, for more than 4-5 minutes, until the box finishes and shows the blue dot as selected, but even then, NO SOUND from the stream (I also tried with all Minix menu setup sound options, including straight PCM). This happens only on feeds with 22050 or 11025 Hz sampling frequency ; the sound is fine with streams showing 44100 or 48000 on the Minix.

    Meanwhile, these same exact streams play back with full audio on my Windows 10 laptop, using Kodi 16.1. Yet when played on the Minix, no sound.


    IMG_3428.JPG IMG_3429.JPG IMG_3430.JPG
  3. Frederick_99

    Frederick_99 Well-Known Member

    where do we find these batmanstreams to try ?
  4. CRD

    CRD New Member

    Sportsdevil addon, with December 2016 update:

    Live sports / LSHunter.tv / Live

    The pix I uploaded are from today's broadcasts of the Australian Open.

    Thank you for your help!
  5. Frederick_99

    Frederick_99 Well-Known Member

    cant find a feed with low frequency audio at the moment :(

    if you can find any test video files floating around post a link and i will try those
  6. CRD

    CRD New Member

    Thanks for looking, Frederick_99. I get low-quality audio feeds like this sporadically. These days it is usually tennis from the Australian Open, broadcast daily from ~2am-8am, GMT+2, on Sportsdevil. (I looked for an 11025 or 22050 Hz demo sample file to post, but couldn't find one. I'll keep looking).

    What drives me nuts, though, with this issue, is that the SAME STREAM produces audio just fine on my windows/Kodi laptop, but no sound at all on my x8h-plus/XBMC for Minix 15.3.

    The core question, remaining to be answered, is if the x8h-plus can technically handle the audio on these feeds. Anybody know?
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