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No signal until triggered by another device.

Discussion in 'NEO X8-H, X8 Plus & X8' started by firefly123, Jun 27, 2017.

  1. firefly123

    firefly123 New Member

    When I plug my Neo X8-H into either of 2 HDMI ports on my projector there's no signal. I've tried every conceivable variation I can think of: different port, different cable, order of turning on or off connecting, etc. It doesn't work.
    But then if I put any another device (Chromecast, X-Box, whatever) in one of the other HDMI ports, turn it on, set the input for that port, get the signal for a bit.... then when I switch to the other HDMI where the Neo is connected, it works.
    What's going on? I thought maybe it was the projector but this only happens with the Neo. I'm getting tired of having to turn my Chromecast on and off every time I want to use my Neo. Ideas? Solutions? Thanks.
  2. Mad07

    Mad07 Member

    I would say : Thanks a lot to DRM
  3. ChrisG8

    ChrisG8 New Member

    In my experience that issue is an HDMI handshake or HDCP problem, I have the same issue in reverse, my Minix X8-H must be on for Apple TV to work going through an HDMI switch. It may be that all devices connected to the HDMI switch must be on, not just the X8-H but the others were always on anyway. Annoying to say the least and the fix is elusive for me so I leave the X8-H on all of the time.