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No sound after System Update today

Discussion in 'NEO X8-H, X8 Plus & X8 Official Firmware Releases' started by Jo8862, Jul 12, 2015.

  1. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    Like I said! (y)
  2. Fis2

    Fis2 New Member

    Yes. Ty (y) (y)
  3. leser

    leser New Member

    Still have no hdmi passtrough sound! Only way to get sound is using headphone jack on fw 06.
    Is there a chance for fw 7 within this month?
    Waiting eager for ON/OFF switch for simultaneous hdmi & headphone output :)!
  4. rpastor

    rpastor New Member

    Hi good evening and thank you for everything, I have the same problem as you and I would like to know how to have achieved sound FW06 as I have to do the steps thank you very much.
  5. shoestring

    shoestring New Member

    I am having sound issues as well after upgrade. The sound stops for a second and then continues. Does not matter what you are watching Kodi,Servio Youtube. I have been fighting one issue or another for quite some time now. Have not had a good working box since 003 or 004 , can't remember for sure. Well I guess it's time to wipe it again and start fresh. Let the battle continue.
    Is there any way we could have a "What's working" section where people could post there settings for others to see. I am sure it would help me and quite likely others as well.
    If I get it sorted I will post my findings.

    Have a great day folks
  6. wms

    wms Member

    Well, I just recently found a fix for me, and my soundbar, I changed the Digital Audio Output setting to PCM.

    Now running FW007 after installing FW006 via USB and OTA for FW007.
  7. auto2012

    auto2012 New Member

    Ok. Just starter the reset. Hope it works
  8. wms

    wms Member

    The fix for me: Settings > Digital Audio Output setting to PCM.
  9. ruud ter Veen

    ruud ter Veen New Member

    I still have no sound after update.
    Bought the 8+ for digital sound and have toi settle for digital silence ...
    Setting Digital output to PCM is not an option.
    Any suggestions??
  10. Higgs

    Higgs Yellow Dude Super Moderator

    Setup? Settings? Firmware? Details?
    When posting a question/issue please provide details. Device/Firmware/Settings/What the problem is/What you've done/Screenshots if required etc
  11. ruud ter Veen

    ruud ter Veen New Member

    i will revert later, am not close to the 8+
    upgraded to latest official firmware, all details i will supply
  12. 2pac4u

    2pac4u New Member

    Hi,same issue for me.After i update via FOTA to the latest version KOT49H.20150925 i have no sound at all !!!! My box connected only via HDMI to my TV,i try all settings recommendet here,Settings > Digital Audio Output > PCM,i install also SoundAbout...still no sound at all,even i play youtube via browser.
    Thx in advance,
  13. PaoloLast

    PaoloLast New Member

    I had the same issue today.
    Powered up my box and no audio output... tryed restarting or unplugging the hdmi and solved for a few seconds... but it turned back to no audio.
    Have you solved it? was a hardware issue?
  14. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    I see you have had your device for some time so what has changed recently for this to happen?
    Have you done anything to promote the issue?
    What is the Build number of your device?
  15. PaoloLast

    PaoloLast New Member

    Nothing changed, i use the minix on daily basis to watch downloaded videos from external hdd, yesterday was working fine, today i turn it on and with no changes i have no audio output in the entire system.
    My build is KOT49H.20150924 release-keys i think is the latest stable.

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  16. PaoloLast

    PaoloLast New Member

    Same probem here, but not right away after the update, it occurred today after long time using the new firmware (KOT49H.20150924).
    I think there is something faulty on the 3.5mm jack because plugging headphones i hear sound from it, but yesterday i had no problems with the same firmware, and never plugged anything on the 3.5mm jack before today.

    EDIT: To my box the problem seems with KODI latest android release (15.2 isengard), before launch audio works well, i did not have the same problem with XBMC Minix edition.
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2015
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  17. Hillbilly

    Hillbilly New Member

    I have also started experiencing random sound drop outs. I am connected via a sound bar and notice that even the button click sounds from using the remote are inconsistent. I see that the PCM indication on my sound bar flashes every time I click a button and have no sound. I have bypassed the sound bar and connected directly to the TV and still the same issue. Playing movies etc is hit and miss. I have only experienced this issue since upgrading OTA to the latest update.

    Model: Neo-X8-H
    Build number: KOT49H.20150924
  18. giannibat

    giannibat New Member

    The problems started with Kodi to me too as well. Uninstalled atm and used SoundAbout to re-route audio for regular use.
  19. fozz

    fozz New Member

    I have managed to fix my sound issues. I think the problem is with kodi. I just went into Settings > System > Audio and reset them to default. Then cleared the cache for kodi and haven't had any problems since.
  20. supermjj

    supermjj New Member

    Did my first update last night because it would never do it OTA, so i did it with a SD card with the PC and success it worked. But i also had no sound and i eventually found if i un-ticked the audio boxes in the "advanced settings" it worked, where it says "audio to USB etc, hope this helps. Also now the box updates and checks for updates OTA.