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Tutorial Noob's Guide to root Minix Neo X7 and Install Custom Recovery and Backup Solution

Discussion in 'NEO X7 Guides & FAQs' started by DigitalSoul, Jan 23, 2015.

  1. DigitalSoul

    DigitalSoul Member

    Your MINIX X7 would be rooted after following this. If you don't want that to happen then this guide is not for you. Please note that just rooting your device will not cause any issue if you choose to use the underlying 'power' properly. If you decide to use this guide then I hope you would carry the responsibility that comes along with owning any rooted droid machine :)

    The info given below is a consolidated sequential list of steps that will work on X7. It could be repetition of some info present elsewhere but I've tried to consolidate as well as simplify it here.

    A. Process to Root X7

    Please note that this step IS needed if you ARE on one of the Stock ROM provided by Minix

    If you just want to root then please follow the instructions below

    Step 1- Install Moborobo

    Step 2- Connect NEO X7 with charger, and use the usb cable to connect NEO X7 with your PC, press the power on button on X7 and power on the neo X7;

    Step 3- Go to settings in android on the NEO X7 and choose USB and check Connect to PC

    Step 4- Go to storage (in settings in android on the NEO X7) then in the right corner under USB connection check mass storage

    Step 5- Go to Developer options check USB Debugging

    Step 6- Run Moborobo and after finding your android device connected to the computer it will promt to install the drivers…choose install driver software anyway

    Step 7- After having installed the driver, download RK3188_ROOT.zip) and extract the files.

    Step 8- Click “ TPSparkyRoot.bat” and follow the instructions.you should have 2 reboot, and make sure each reboot, you need to go to your NEO X7 setting,and do the step 3 again; After 2 reboots, your device should be rooted.You may have some errors like “superuser.apk not found” or something like that, just ignore it. As long as you get “root = 0″ you are rooted..


    2. Now it is time to put the ClockWordMod Recovery on to Minix. It will allow you to take 'complete' backup of your current ROM so you can try other ROMs and then revert to your ROM in almost no time. All your applications, all settings including wallpaper, home screens would be restored in under 3-4 mins.

    Put the CWM Recovery Using the steps bel0w -

    a. Install Android Terminal from PlayStore

    b. Install BusyBox from Play Store

    Once installed please run the BusyBox and complete it using Normal setup. Please do not select Smart Setup as it is not required. After the setup please close the BusyBox

    c. Install CWM onto Minix X7

    Download CWM for Minix X7 onto Minix X7. By default it would be downloaded to Download folder on your SDCARD partition. I've put all the required files in a single folder and uploaded it for you.

    Once the above file is downloaded please open the Android Terminal installed earlier and give the following commands.


    This will give you a SuperUser Prompt and you need to select Yes so that next actions can be performed

    cd /sdcard/Download
    unzip x7-cwm-install.zip
    cd x7-cwm-install
    sh cwm.sh

    You will see a one line confirmation message that recovery file is written.

    Now you can check the installation using following command

    reboot recovery

    This will reboot your Minix X7 into Recovery and you can see and try the CWM Recovery.

    You can reboot and then install all your applications and change their settings (specially XMBC), setup the homescreens and then once you are done then again reboot into recovery to create a backup which you can easily restore any time later using this same recovery.

    You can also install Nandroid Manager from Play Store to perform this using GUI if you feel that is better for you.

    C. Setup New ROM with Apps + Data from Previous ROM

    Assume you have one ROM running with all the applications and settings and you don't want to install and setup all apps again after installing a new ROM. You can follow the steps given below to do this with minimum efforts and time

    a. Pre-Installation of New ROM

    1. Ensure your existing ROM is rooted

    2. Install Titanium Backup and backup all user apps

    3. Copy TitaniumBackup folder from /mnt/sdcard onto external_sd card or USB.

    b. Post Installation of New ROM

    1. Settings -> Personal --> Security --> Device Administration --> Uncheck 'Verify Apps' to facilitate seamless restore of all apps and data without any of your intervension. You may want to Check this option after the restore is complete from security point of view.

    2. Copy TitaniumBackup folder from your external backup external_sd card or USB onto /mnt/sdcard

    3. Install Titanium Backup

    4. Goto Menu and select 'Reload application'.in the Special Features

    5. Go back, click on Right Icon on top right and then Select 'Restore missing apps with data'

    This completes all the steps to get the Recovery onto your X7 so that you can unleash its potential to the fullest.. Happy Days :)
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  2. ries

    ries New Member

    I'm getting these error messages in CWM Recovery:
    E:Can't find misc
    E:Can't mount /cache/recovery/command
    E:Can't find misc
    E:Can't mount /cache/recovery/log
    E:Can't open /cache/recovery/log
    E:Can't mount /cache/recovery/last_log
    E:Can't open /cache/recovery/last_log
    E:Can't find misc
    I can't mount anything so I can't backup my current ROM..

    Any idea how to solve this or how to remove CWM/get back stock recovery?

    Thanks in advance...

    Last edited: Aug 16, 2015
  3. jebll

    jebll New Member

    Used this method before on fw 010. No problems. Can this be used with kk 240 ?
    Reason for asking is, I want custom recovery. Not just to root.
  4. ries

    ries New Member

    Not sure about Kitkat 2.4.0 but I had no luck with this method on Kitkat 2.1.0 Community Edition. I eventually only backed up and restored my apps+data with Easy Backup (similar to Titanium Backup) which worked fine for me..
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  5. jebll

    jebll New Member

    Thanks for info.
    I tried this method on official fw 009.
    Went over to finless 1.9 for 010 though, ready rooted with recovery.
  6. Manuel Astudillo

    Manuel Astudillo New Member

    moborobo is basically a Trojan. Is there any other method to root a device without requiring to flash a custom firmware?
  7. Molle

    Molle Member

    At least for the three latest firmware releases, there are root/unroot utilities linked to the first post of their respective threads.

    - v2.50: http://www.minixforum.com/threads/x7-kitkat-250-february-8th-2016.10905/
  8. wstephen

    wstephen New Member

    But why doesn't this CWM Recovery not working at all?