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Notification of Lollipop Android Firmware For Minix X8-H Plus

Discussion in 'NEO X8-H PLUS stock firmware' started by TazzyUK, Mar 19, 2018.

  1. TazzyUK

    TazzyUK New Member

    Is there a email notification/newsletter etc available to subscribe too when the final stable release of lollipop is available for the Minix X8-H Plus. The box is not at my house and I would need to drive over and out of town to update the box for a relative who is not familiar with Kodi boxes.
    Or is it a case of checking the forums regularly?
  2. Menorca Man

    Menorca Man Active Member Trusted Helper

    Because AMLogic no longer supports the X8-H Plus chipset, I think you'll find the Lollipop RC2 firmware is as final and stable as it's going to be. Please don't shoot the messenger!!
  3. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

  4. TazzyUK

    TazzyUK New Member

    OOooh I just thought it was betas until the official stable one :-(
    Appreciate the info. Whats the difference between the RC2 firmware and the link that 'Villa' post here, besides the debloating.
    (thnx Villa :))
  5. Menorca Man

    Menorca Man Active Member Trusted Helper

    Sorry, no idea as I've only ever flashed official Minix ROMs.
  6. fredson

    fredson New Member

    Is it possible for someone to post how to upgrade to lollipop using both SD card and flashing via the USB Flash Tool step by step including all fixed that works with the RC2 and finless rom.
    This will help people that are new that want to upgrade and endless error post on here, post are all over the place and you will have to read all posts and to be directed to another post is just very confusing.
    Just a simple step by step method to follow and any solution to fix error that works.
    Much appreciated
    Thank you
  7. TazzyUK

    TazzyUK New Member

    Ok, well I shall wait for the relatives to drop off the Minix box as they have suggested and try this RC2 firmware (or I drive to theirs, either way). They had the box off me as I was now using Steam Link to show Kodi on my lounge TV (added Kodi as a non steam game). Thanks for your info
  8. cold iron

    cold iron Member

    I find it sad that a company would quit supporting it's product after only a few years. I would never buy another Minix. Lots of other good boxes on the market.
  9. Jeffers24

    Jeffers24 Active Member

    In my opinion the RC2 firmware is an incomplete version of Minix's Lollipop for X8h+ before Minix abandoned it's customers, Finless's Lollipop ROM is complete and works very well.