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Official 003 firmware via MINIX FOTA

Discussion in 'X8, X8 Plus, X8-H Official Firmware 003' started by MINIX - Ken, Feb 6, 2015.

  1. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    Dear all NEO X8, X8 Plus, X8-H users,

    The latest 003 firmware has been released via MINIX FOTA,

    change log will be provided later tonight!

    Prerequisite for receiving this update:

    1.) Updated to firmware 002A we released before:
    2.) Updated to "20141224" firmware from 002A via MINIX FOTA
    3.) No rooting has been done
    4.) Check for update using this app:
    MINIX FOTA.jpg

    Change log:
    1. Fixed can't switch to 4K bug (2014 Samsung "future ready" TVs must use port 3 - MHL port, other ports are found to have compatibility issues)
    2. Fixed HDMI-CEC wakeup issue
    3. Fixed Vietnam htvonlinetv bug
    4. Fixed Bluetooth failed to re-connect bug
    5. Added self-adaptive refresh rate switching option (no need to enable switching inside of XBMC anymore)
    6. Fixed some 25fps videos playback stuttering issue
    7. Fixed eurosport app keep loading issue
    8. Fixed "Saint Seiya MP4" kind of playback stuttering issue
    9. Improved HDMI passthrough compatibility with some older TVs
    10. Fixed Indonesia TV Plus app playback quality issue
    11. Fixed TV Radio Malaysia app playback quality issue
    12. Fixed Indonesia Lumen app playback quality issue
    13. Re-enabling AML remote controller option (http://minix.com.hk/downfile/RC_MINIX.apk)

    MINIX XBMC V13.3.3 final (required manual installation):

    Known issue:
    Do not keep press and hold a particular key for too long when using CEC,
    it might kill the CEC process, we are still looking for a final fix. Pressing a key repeatedly (not holding it) is OK.


    (Our engineers will be going home to have their new year holidays for the coming 3 weeks, so please excuse us for checking less here, feel free to leave any feedbacks/suggestions here, we shall follow-up when holidays finished, thanks!)

    Full system image & Windows USB burning tool:

    Forum server: http://www.minixforum.com/downloads/download.php?file=X8_X8PLUS_X8H_003FW.rar
    MD5 checksum: DDA77A0AAB8E907890BF45A3F17636F2

    Team MINIX.
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  2. Yoramile1

    Yoramile1 New Member

  3. QuicksilverCZ

    QuicksilverCZ Member

    Your system was damaged , wireless update is disabled! :-/
  4. ramoncota

    ramoncota New Member

    have same error message
  5. Magic-Goat

    Magic-Goat New Member

    'Check Failed! Check Your OTA Servier Argent'

    I'm in the UK. Is there a download to install via USB method? And is there a change log?
  6. Snakebite

    Snakebite Active Member

  7. Keepsweeping

    Keepsweeping Member

    Hi Guys
    I know it's a daft question, but does "change log" mean that by clicking the "update Button" we will get an automatic OTA update. Change log I assume will enable this update to happen for x8 h Plus boxes.
  8. Magic-Goat

    Magic-Goat New Member

    I just tried this, i did the factory reset update. It just says 'No Update' now?
  9. Snakebite

    Snakebite Active Member

    This update is NOT for x8 h PLUS. However the update for the plus has been announced at http://www.minixforum.com/threads/official-003-firmware-via-minix-fota.4052
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2015
  10. Magic-Goat

    Magic-Goat New Member

    I'm on the normal X8
  11. Snakebite

    Snakebite Active Member

    So after upgrading to 002, the 003 update isn't available when you check for updates via ota?
  12. ramoncota

    ramoncota New Member

    I update 002, 24.12.2014, anyway error message
  13. Magic-Goat

    Magic-Goat New Member

    Yeah. And i'm on the normal X8. Is it possible that it's just not been released to the European servers yet?
  14. ramoncota

    ramoncota New Member

    firmeware only 85 mb?
  15. Snakebite

    Snakebite Active Member

    Ken - will this update be available for manual download?
  16. Snakebite

    Snakebite Active Member

    The FOTA updates were designed to be smaller just to address bugs and keep data... this probably accounts for it being 85mb - would anyone be able to confirm my thinking?
  17. Kingbolo

    Kingbolo New Member

    Reading this messeges it's not hopefull o_O
  18. Kingbolo

    Kingbolo New Member

    Can anyone confirm the Fota update is working on X8H-PLUS?
  19. FHWG

    FHWG New Member

    Yes, working here
  20. QuicksilverCZ

    QuicksilverCZ Member

    How do I solve update? I still writes about this system damage.