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Official BIOS conversion files

Discussion in 'NEO Z64 Android OS' started by MINIX - Ken, Mar 25, 2015.

  1. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    Dear Z64 users,

    Here is our official BIOS conversion files:

    New MEGA link : https://mega.nz/#!RtBQRDjJ!E9vQSUfLrr9Jb_A77m_67zq9y5CfUaRcpDFctP4n5cE

    http://minix.com.hk/downfile/Z64 BIOS.rar

    Instructions are included inside of the package: readme.txt

    Procedures, which are very simple:

    1. Choose the folder you need to perform the BIOS change
    (Andriod to Windows [this one should be wanted by most of you], OR Windows to Android [very rare I believe])

    2. Copy all 4 files inside the selected folder to the root directory of your USB stick

    3. During power up & boot up, hold down the F11 key on your keyboard

    3. Choose "UEFI Shell" and hit enter to continue

    4. BIOS re-flashing will then begin automatically

    5. Re-flashing shall take a few minutes, PLEASE BE PATIENT!


    Team MINIX.
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  2. You should also note that the USB must be in fat32 format in order to be readable by the UEFI shell! Cheers though for the official files glad to see you guys opened up to this after all!

    I updated my video with a link to the official files. For those who would like a visual walk through of this and how to install windows after this should help explain!
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  3. Deadman INC.

    Deadman INC. Member

    If I don't get plex and other app to work on android on this box, I might have to switch to windows :-(
  4. leolas

    leolas Member

    If you want to convert from windows to android, please backup your windows license key before do that, because if you want to return to windows from android, maybe you will need to insert it.
    The windows key is inserted in the your installed Bios, I didnt test the new Bios from Ken (Thanks a lot for it :) ) but I think the key in BIOS will be empty.
    You can follow this tips from Bob Finless (http://www.freaktab.com/showthread.php?23160-Z64W-Backup-your-BIOS-Windows-Key) or use Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder ( https://www.magicaljellybean.com/keyfinder/ ) to backup your stock license key.
  5. BartHD

    BartHD New Member

    With "UEFI Shell" do you mean "UEFI : Built-in EFI Shell" or you imply first to select the usb drive?

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  6. WeK05

    WeK05 Audio Visual Master Specialist

    It is the first one UEFI: Built-in EFI Shell
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  7. BartHD

    BartHD New Member

    Thank you. I think it's done. Now it will shutdown itself? Maybe not...
  8. anhvu

    anhvu Member

    After this step, what we will doing @MINIX - Ken + @Gadget Friendly
  9. BartHD

    BartHD New Member

    I simply shutdown the device from the power button. Then you will to install Windows. So after you have prepared the USB, put it in the minix. Now turn on it and press many times "DEL" button of your keyboard. Now you are in the BIOS. Check the Project Version, it should be changed from: "JCRDA 1.22 x64" to: "JCRDW 1.43". And if all it's ok, continue with the steps. ;)
  10. anhvu

    anhvu Member

    What is the tool you was using to make an usb boot from Win 8.1 ISO file?
  11. BartHD

    BartHD New Member

    Rufus. The same version of Gadget Friendly's videotutorial.
  12. BartHD

    BartHD New Member

    Look at the difference:

    You can skip this selecting your USB below Boot Override. It will start the install process automatically. Don't have to go through the shell. [quote: WeK05]
  13. anhvu

    anhvu Member

    Thank for your help! This is my mistake when using Rufus ^^ Now, I was successful to install Windows 8.1 on Z64A, I'll testing with Windows 10 Previews and try to go back with Android :D I want to test with all!
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  14. anhvu

    anhvu Member

    Windows 10 Previews on Minix Z64 Android :) It's so cool, thank you all so much ^^!
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  15. BartHD

    BartHD New Member

    Great! But I suggest you to hide your Product ID in the last screenshot.
  16. WeK05

    WeK05 Audio Visual Master Specialist

    When you go back to Android with the Flash Rescue - http://minixforum.com/threads/reflashing-the-z64-android-os-creating-rescue-disk.4735/, be prepared to wait for some time. It is a very slow process. It will look like it is frozen. Give it 20-30 min.
  17. anhvu

    anhvu Member

    Ok, I was success to do that :) Z64 Android -> Z64 Windows 8.1 -> Z64 -> Windows 10 Previews -> Z64 Android :D It's so interesting!
    Thank you, I was remove this pic
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  18. Andyfei

    Andyfei New Member

    if you can convert this z64a to windows, does anyone can dual boot the android and windows on this unit yet? thanks
  19. BartHD

    BartHD New Member

    Nope, because when you convert: "JCRDA 1.22 x64" to: "JCRDW 1.43", Android don't work anymore. And if you don't convert the bios, you can't install Windows 8.1 32 bit with Minix Drivers. You could install Windows 8.1 64bit and maybe a dual boot, but you haven't the right drivers.
  20. Henkl33t

    Henkl33t New Member

    boot override is greyed for me i cant install it and i cant go throgh shell...
    EDIT: Check rufus to be 100% sure that you choosed the right options or buy a sandisk usb(y)
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