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Official BIOS conversion files

Discussion in 'NEO Z64 Android OS' started by MINIX - Ken, Mar 25, 2015.

  1. Henkl33t

    Henkl33t New Member

    the link is dead... :(
  2. WeK05

    WeK05 Audio Visual Master Specialist

    Last edited: Apr 30, 2015
  3. Andyfei

    Andyfei New Member

    Hi everyone
    Can anyone show me where to get the windows ISO for this z64a. Thanks
  4. WeK05

    WeK05 Audio Visual Master Specialist

  5. Andyfei

    Andyfei New Member

    Hi Wek05
    Can I install windows 8.1 pro on the z64a converted to z64w? Or I must have a windows 8.1 with bing? Can you let me know thanks?
  6. Deadman INC.

    Deadman INC. Member

    You can install the Windows 8.1 you choose, but only the 32bit version !

    Did mine today, since there was no progress on the Plex and WWE app not working properly...

    Windows runs like a charm...
  7. Deadman INC.

    Deadman INC. Member

    The should have called it the Z86A ;-)
  8. Grim

    Grim New Member

    What kind of Windows I can install on converted Z64 - 32 bit ISO or 64 bit ISO?
  9. Deadman INC.

    Deadman INC. Member

    32 bit 8.1
  10. dref

    dref New Member

    The requested URL /downfile/Z64 was not found on this server.
  11. Higgs

    Higgs Yellow Dude Super Moderator

    The Bios.rar part of the link was missing. Link is now fixed.
  12. Ziopially

    Ziopially New Member

    This Link, Z64%20BIOS.rar, and this Link, NEO%20Z64%20WIN8.1%20DRIVER.rar do not work.
    you can fix please?
  13. pask81

    pask81 New Member

    Hello, the video shows different files from the ones downlodable at the moment. For what I understood it is not anymore necessary to create a bootable usb with rufus to update the bios, but just start from the bios and have the 4 files in the root directory, am I correct?
  14. Deadman INC.

    Deadman INC. Member

    you are correct.

    Copy the needed uefi bios files into the root of a fat32 formatted stick.
  15. pask81

    pask81 New Member

    Thank you for the answer, I had tried it yet successfully :)
  16. Chris Page

    Chris Page Member

    A previous Post has said the BIOS version should change to "it should be changed from: "JCRDA 1.22 x64" to: "JCRDW 1.43"".
    The minix i am using is already using windows but i am having issues so want to update the bios.
    I am currently running project version JCRDW 1.53, can this be made available or a newer version please.

    The issue i am trying to fix is related to this :- http://freaktab.com/forum/tv-player...up-the-nitro-team?view=stream&_=1449486569989
    I need a backup and restore solution because we have 100's of minix, and the micro sd card slot works on the android minix but not on the windows versions we have.
  17. babawalker

    babawalker New Member

    I have a z64 android just got it , the unit runs very hot to touch is that normal? also the hdmi connection seems sketchy if you touch cable it looses feed then comes back on also can mess with sound ,load tones etc and it is pushed in all the way and its a new cable

  18. Chris Page

    Chris Page Member

    When we stack ours on top of each other they can get very warm but not burning hot. I would say 45 degrees on a warm day.

    They don't have a fan and probably use the case as a heatsink. Maybe if your using it heavily.

    All of our hdmi ports are very snug and tight, we have not come across a port causing an issue like you describe.
  19. babawalker

    babawalker New Member

    ok thanks for info
  20. Chris Page

    Chris Page Member

    Am still hoping someone can point me in the direction of the bios download page, pretty please :)