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Official Plex addon for Kodi

Discussion in 'NEO X8-H, X8 Plus & X8' started by Coops1967, Jan 8, 2017.

  1. Coops1967

    Coops1967 New Member

    Still happy with ky x8-h... as long as i got rid of that appalling v5 update and went back to the 4.8.1 client...

    But now am happy to report there is an official Plex addon for Kodi.

    * can't include a link to the plex page @sigh@ so you'll have to google " plex forum plex for kodi preview releases" and i'm sure you'll find it!

    I had Kodi 16.1 installed already with an third party plexconnect - removed that and installed the official plex addon.

    Looks fine and seems to work well so far - get better Kodi player playback quality and better subtitle options.

    Note, with the officila release so far you cannot add a shortcut to Plex on the home screen - but a workaround by setting Plex as a favourite and then assigning that favourite to the home screen does work fine.

    ALSO - in the Plex settings there is an option to start up Plex on Kodi startup... so it'll start up automatically once Kodi is launched.

    A good option and the UI is decent too with vertical scrolling in your tv shows with an alphabetical selection option and scroll bar to the right also.