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Official X8-H PLUS 010 firmware (20160829)

Discussion in 'NEO X8-H PLUS 010 firmware via MINIX FOTA' started by MINIX - Ken, Oct 20, 2016.

  1. Higgs

    Higgs Yellow Dude Super Moderator

    Your quote only strengthens my point.
    Even if the firmware updates so far were just bug fixes and didn't contain the many added features and app improvements, that definition would still be valid.
    Bug fixes are "to make something more modern or suitable for use now by adding new information or changing its design"
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  2. bisak

    bisak New Member

    Hi Jerry, did you solve it already? I suffer the same problem...
  3. jcetg

    jcetg New Member

    Hello, I'm not sure if the following bug is due to the last firmware version but there is something around hardware acceleration options in kodi/xbmc/spmc that is wrong.

    Unfortunatelly after some days of testing I find a bug playing 1080p mvk files (streaming, local from hdd usb, samba, upnp, torrent, etc). This files stop/frezze/pixel after around 12 minutes of playback and the sound continues. This issue happens just with amcodec off and mediacodec (surface) and mediacodec on. I have tried everything around dinamic refresh rate and sync playback to display with the same results in 1080p files (no issues with 720p files). If I enable amcodec the issue disappears but this codec has color clipping and white clipping, so it's not offers proper picture quality that I expect. I have found this bug with offical kodi (from google play store), xbmc for minix (I tried 15.2 and 16.2) and spmc 16.4.2. No problems with external playes (mx player, 4k player, archos video) appart from color and white clipping.
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  4. Jerry Jets

    Jerry Jets New Member

    Thanks Rui Oliveira! I updated my firmware with the USB flashing tool over a month ago, and it seems to be good now. Since the problem was intermittent I gave it a very long test period, so sorry for my late reply. My box has froze up a few times since (hopefully it was only unrelated XBMC issues), but seems to wake up from sleep mode consistently now.
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  5. Jerry Jets

    Jerry Jets New Member

    Yes, the problem is solved. Rui Oliveira suggested always doing a factory reset after firmware updates, but I took it a step further, and updated the firmware using the "Full system image with USB flashing tool" (from page 1). Whatever method you choose, take your time and be careful. And, as always I recommend backing up your XBMC with the "Backup" add-on before you flash, or factory reset. Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions. Cheers.
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  6. Maneesh

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  7. Maneesh

    Maneesh New Member

    Please get android 5.1 so that we can run Kodi 17.
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  8. fircentino

    fircentino New Member

    Just bought my minix x8h plus with firmware version is dated on 20141122. My question is, can i direct update to this firmware with using usb .zip method?

  9. Villa

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  10. loris

    loris New Member

    Hello , i have the same problem. Do you solved the problem and how? Thanks.
  11. beston186

    beston186 New Member

    Hi! On my MINIX X8H-Plus is custom firmware Abdul x8H-Plus (as well as TWRP), it is not me satisfied.Can I from TWRP to flash the Official firmware, and how to do it, so I was not problem.Thanks