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Discussion in 'NEO X6 Custom ROMs, Kernels and Discussion' started by taki, Mar 11, 2015.

  1. taki

    taki Active Member

    source based surkovalex.
    1. Download openelec: http://d-h.st/zcCg
    2. Copy .zip to sdcard drive (fat32 filesystem)
    3. Unplug X6 to make sure it is completely switched off
    4. Replug it and attach sdcard drive
    5. Press and hold reset-button using e.g. a toothpick
    6. Press and hold power-button, keep reset-button pressed
    7. Wait until 1-2 minutes auto opening openelec
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  2. hellohell76

    hellohell76 Member

    i going try on saturday thanks.
  3. inonz987

    inonz987 New Member

    Can I get more information about openelec rom?
  4. Jurij Jurlits

    Jurij Jurlits New Member

    Not working for me. No hdmi output after update..
  5. cyrusalmighty

    cyrusalmighty New Member

    I have been trying to get openelec on Minix x7. How os it that you are able to get it working on older X6? Is it a custom kernel with boot options or multiboot?
  6. HardwareGuru

    HardwareGuru Developer Administrator

    openelec has had a lot development for amlogic chipsets (x6) and not(less) for rockchip (x7).
  7. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    Also X6 is not older! It was released after the X7, if I'm not mistaken.
  8. w3n_m1ng

    w3n_m1ng New Member

    Yes, x6, x8 is new generation than x7. X6 has FOTA already..
  9. artouiros

    artouiros Member

    Can we have more information about this rom? Is this a complete rom or jsut some app liek Kodi?
  10. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

  11. artouiros

    artouiros Member

  12. skribble

    skribble New Member

    Hello, after the installation the minix will boot right into oppenelec everytime?
  13. artouiros

    artouiros Member

    this build doesn't work. no hdmi. I asked the developer who ports openelec to amlogic if he could make it work on x6, he said no.
  14. dibotto

    dibotto Member

    No news for this firmware?
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  15. ahoi

    ahoi New Member

    the file from the link is not available...
    where can i download that from?
    will it work with any openelec?

  16. cyran0

    cyran0 New Member

    Isn't OpenELEC dead?

    There is now LibreELEC. You can google it but you won't have much luck there either. Have been told by the maintainer that he cannot have the source for a build working with the X6. Legal issues I suppose.

    For now, only Minix can supply us with a Android alternative.


    Forgot to mention, in the LibreELEC forum look for the S805 section (the X6 SoC).
  17. ahoi

    ahoi New Member

    so what are the options now?
    minix staff? please advice, many of us have the neo x6 that is not very usable now without an update, and can't install anything else...