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Openelec on Neo x8 ?

Discussion in 'X8-H & X8/Plus Custom ROMs, Kernels & Discussion' started by J├Ânke, Nov 13, 2014.

  1. yonatandror

    yonatandror Member

    Ok, I will try it. But why not use the genuine PLAY/STOP buttons on the Harmony remote? They are free anyway and dont have a use.

    Let me see if I understand it.
    1. Under MyHarmony, Device (NEO MX5), assign vol+ and vol- to play and stop (From where?).
    2. In KODI assign those keys using Keymapper add on.
    3. In Watch Movie activity, assign PLAY/STOP buttons to MX5 Vol+ and Vol-.
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  2. ArceeKay

    ArceeKay Active Member

    Nope, when you select the Minix Neo X5 none of the buttons work in Openelec. So, just select the X8-H or the X8-H Plus. Do not assign the Volume Up or Down buttons but instead in stop tell MyHarmony to use volume control of your TV or your Amp. As then you cannot assign VolumeUp and VolumeDown anywhere, leave them and add a command using the button on the lower right. Then, call the button anything (I called it '+') and learn the + button. Same for the - button. Then drag these two buttons to play and stop. Sync your Harmony then take it to your Minix. And then, with the Keymapper, assign play and stop as you described.

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  3. Eryan

    Eryan New Member

    Hi Forum

    Just wanted to download the openelec-amlogic.x8hp.arm-5.0.5.zip image from amlinux.ru, but I just noticed that is not possible to access it. I would like to test the 5.0.5 before going to 5.0.8. Can somebody share with me the 5.0.5 image?

    Thanks in advance!
  4. Edwin

    Edwin Member

    After experiencing another video-freeze i took a look at the log file
    I noticed that on the time of the freeze, the 'xbmc library auto update' - addon was kicking in
    I placed it settings to 'run when idle' and will see if this helps or not, it seems that this addon does a network check right when it launches..this might interfere with the playback,it might be a long shot but i felt i should share this info ;-)

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  5. ArceeKay

    ArceeKay Active Member

    Hi Edwin, I have had lots of issues with the library auto update add-in. I have removed it months ago. Maybe that is why I'm not having many video freezes. Just remove that add-in and trigger library updates manually when you add new content and your whole Kodi experience will improve!

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  6. Edwin

    Edwin Member

    Hi Arceekay,

    On the version i am using , version 0.9.7 , i can set it to activate when idle, since the box never is a 100% idle, it simply does not run until i trigger it manually
    I have watched a couple of series and so far, no freeze-up has been seen , i will have to view some more before being able to conclude this library auto update app was responsible for it but so far, it is looking good

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  7. PelegW

    PelegW New Member

    Hi Forum,
    I installed 5.0.8 on my X8-Plus and it works great, except it won't detect any of my arduino boards making my ambient light useless. I since gone back to the original firmware to get it working again, but would still like to see arduino support for arm openelec.
    From what I can see, Arduino Uno works usinc cdc_acm driver, but the Nano won't connect to Minix. I suspect it needs ftdi_sio to work correctly.
    Is there a chance to see those two modules on OE for Minix?
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  8. Eryan

    Eryan New Member

    I managed to load both 5.0.5 and 5.0.8 in my X8-H. However, both of them are having issues:

    -5.0.5 loads without issues but I have no way to connect it to the internet. Althhough the wireless is on, the Minix does not catch any of my wireless networks. Did anybody had this problem?

    -5.0.8 loads pretty much without problems. However, the system freezes randomly. Also, loaded Plexbmc add-on but it keeps disconnecting from my plex server and the only way to force it to see the server again is restarting the Minix.

    I think I'll stay with the 5.0.5, but only if I manage to fix the Wifi issue. Any ideas what could be the problem?
  9. JH NTU

    JH NTU New Member

  10. JH NTU

    JH NTU New Member

    Ignore me
  11. JH NTU

    JH NTU New Member

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    Ignore this also
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  12. minhnkt

    minhnkt New Member

    Hi PelegW,
    Thanks for your infomation, im using my ambient light but only on my raspberry pi 2. Seem that you can use it with the original firmware of ur MiniX X8H-Plus ? Could you help me how to get my arduino ambilight works on my minix ?
  13. yann1638

    yann1638 New Member

    Do you happen to know if this installation guide works for the X8-H Plus aswell?
  14. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

  15. yann1638

    yann1638 New Member

    Thank you.

    I know the X8-H Plus chipset is S812, shouldn't I use the S806-S812 version?
  16. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

  17. yann1638

    yann1638 New Member

    Yes, that's why im asking why I need to install the X8HP insted of the S812 version that he suggesting.
  18. MuscleMan2000

    MuscleMan2000 Member

    For x8h and 8h plus use the X8HP
  19. impressme

    impressme New Member

    Sure glad to discover the Minix NEO X8-H Plus can run OpenELEC. I'll be installing it tonight. So pumped! Thanks folks!
  20. eXcaliburN

    eXcaliburN New Member

    Are there any links to these (or updated versions of these) builds?