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[Patches][update.zip] Root, Unroot, System mods (no CWM / no PC needed)

Discussion in 'X8-H & X8/Plus Custom ROMs, Kernels & Discussion' started by gufone, Aug 7, 2014.

  1. kendub

    kendub Member

    Nice easy to follow guide thanks. I will be rooting soon my x8 soon
    Does root affect Channel 4 Player (40d)

    If root does affect 40d, is there a way to "turn offf" root, temporarily
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  2. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

  3. kendub

    kendub Member

  4. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

  5. kendub

    kendub Member

    To block adds from Chrome, and in app adds , no other reason other than ads
  6. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

  7. Chimok

    Chimok New Member

  8. kendub

    kendub Member

    Hi Chimok I have tried Adgaurd on another non rooted device, I am not 100% certain but I feel my response times have decreased (possibly due to it using a VPN). Having said that Adgaurd does get rid of most adds
  9. Chimok

    Chimok New Member

    They have added Domain based blocking lately, maybe this is faster? Settings > Advanced (at the end of the list) > Filter DNS requests

    I have two tablets, one is rooted (Adaway and xposed filter modules) and one is not (AdGuard)- I don't notice any difference in speed. But this is just my feeling, I haven't run any benchmarks.
  10. ru4freetv

    ru4freetv New Member

    After getting root on my minix 8h i am not able to get superuser to up date the su binary file. Can someone help point the way. i have tried the superuser up date app ,the superSu app .also i have used gufone,king,and kingo,to root with no luck getting that su binary file to up date. any info would be great. Thanks
  11. Harry S

    Harry S Member

    Does not work for Kodi 14.2 on Minix NEO X8 Plus (KOT49H 20150924). Kodi goes to crash, network variables in android 'environment' is wrong = NO NETWORK! at all.
    Such mods will work only for the matching android & kodi version on where it was made.
    On all other divergent developed versions it will not as on their development some changes
    where made who did not match to the version as the root was derived from.

    My general suggestion; NEVER CHANGE A RUNNING SYSTEM!!
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  12. Huey

    Huey New Member

    You've surely figured this out by now but just flash the latest STABLE "update-supersu-V.x.xx.zip" file found on Chainfire's site and XDA. That should do the trick along with an up-to-date version of Busybox. You should use SD Maid or similar to clean out any unwanted leftovers from all those other superuser apps you tried first.
  13. famousmini

    famousmini New Member

    hello everyone

    Superuser is for android 4.3 !
    de minix neo x8 plus is 4.4.2
    i tried to install supersu but it cannot update su binary.
    how to replace supersuser with supersu (i don't want to install twrp just keep stock recovery)
  14. Hub

    Hub Member

    Any root for:
    MINIX Neo U1 Android Lollipop 5.1.1 ?