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Tutorial Perform a Fresh Installation of Windows 10 on the NEO Z83-4

Discussion in 'NEO Z83-4 Guides & FAQs' started by brooksa, Jan 20, 2018.

  1. brooksa

    brooksa New Member

    • A USB Thumb Drive that can be completely erased. Minimum: 8GB
    • An active Internet connection (preferably fast)
    • About an hour of your time
    1. FIRST: Download the Z83-4 drivers

    2. Perform a Clean Install on an empty Disk/SSD by Booting from Install Media USB Thumb Drive by using the USB Media Creation Tool and READING and FOLLOWING the Microsoft Instructions. See important notes below. (stop following the Microsoft instructions when you get to: Perform a Clean Install Using Reset...)

    Important Notes:
    • You will need to BOOT from the USB drive. Plug the USB drive containing Windows 10 Install files to your Z83-4, then while powering it up, tap F11 on your keyboard during boot to enter the boot device menu. Using the arrow keys, select the USB drive you just created and press Enter.
    • During the install you can safely delete ALL partitions currently on the NEO Z83-4 device. The install process will recreate everything it needs and you will likely end up with additional free space when complete.
    • The System Reserved partition never needs to be more than 500MB. The install process will automatically create it for you after you delete all partitions.
    3. Windows will auto Activate... Graphics card driver will auto install. (give it 10 - 20 minutes once connected to the Internet) and for the remainder of the missing drivers, just point Update Driver to the extracted RAR file location that you saved in a safe place from step 1.

    Driver install Pitt falls
    4. Install Windows Updates, your apps, tweaks and settings.

    5. Once Windows is installed and updated, install the Microsoft HEVC Video Extension in order to take advantage of the Z83-4 on board HEVC decoder.

    6. Perform a disk cleanup.

    - you're done, and you owe me a beer.:cool:;):D
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  2. fluino

    fluino New Member

    Since I had some issue following your guide, about WiFi Card installation, I think it would be useful to repeat here what was already said in another discussion by member Silverwolf0:

    Download and extract the .rar driver package. Go to your device manager (or type it in the search box). Under the "other" tree there will be a whole bunch of unknown devices. Right click one and click update driver. Choose to manually update driver. Point the file location to be the driver folder you just extracted. Make sure subfolders is checked. Then click next and it will find and install the driver for that device. Do the same for every other unknown or other device in the list. You can also try looking through the rest of device manager and updating anything that is labeled generic or is having issues as they may be using generic windows drivers. You can use the search online option when updating drivers instead of the manual update if the driver package doesn't have what you want.

    Also, for future headache avoidance, once you have the drivers all figured out and installed, go type in "recovery" in thte search box and click create recovery drive. Plug in a thumb drive you don't need and it will backup windows along with the associated drivers you just installed so you won't have to go through it all again next time.
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  3. IRVING Lewis

    IRVING Lewis New Member

    I install windows 10 and I still have 2 ea unknown driver listed in my device manger any help you can give me

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  4. brooksa

    brooksa New Member

    @IRVING Lewis- did you download and extract the drivers from step 1?

    Right click items and select 'Update driver' then browse to folder that has all the drivers and be sure to select 'include sub-folders'
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  5. IRVING Lewis

    IRVING Lewis New Member

    Thank for the information that seem to fix my problem
  6. Sa7375

    Sa7375 New Member

    A question. After completing the fresh install of W10 along with the drivers, how much Used Space did W10 occupy and how much Free Space was left of the 32GB eMMC?
  7. brooksa

    brooksa New Member

    I did not record that information but I have Windows and Office 2016 with 10GB to spare
  8. Sa7375

    Sa7375 New Member

    Thanks. That info is very helpful in deciding whether or not to undertake a fresh install, and it is certainly motivating me to undertake the venture soon :)
  9. naplui64

    naplui64 New Member

    Grazie, guida perfetta e Problema Risolto.
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  10. brooksa

    brooksa New Member

    nessun problema
  11. Nick Parkinson

    Nick Parkinson New Member

    Thanks for that brooksa.
    I just performed a fresh install of W10 and all is well apart from my SD card no longer appears. It was fine before the fresh install (previously running W10 upgraded from W8 which took up most of my 32Gb eMMC 'hard drive' space, hence the fresh install). Is this likely to be a driver issue ?
  12. brooksa

    brooksa New Member

    Hello Nick,

    Does this help?
    Also there were recently released images, a non-pro version and a pro version, direct from MINIX that will re-image the entire box with a MINIX approved image that should contain all required drivers. (Back up all data you wish to keep)

    PS: there was a BIOS update as well.
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  13. Todd Becker

    Todd Becker New Member

    Wifi not working at all. After installing a clean copy of Windows I am not able to see the Wifi hardware at all. This is not related to the file that has been posted to add the missing wifi channels, I have no wifi at all, only an ethernet connection. I have the same issue if I boot off a USB device to Chrome OS. I have updated the BIOS base on the forum post.
  14. brooksa

    brooksa New Member

    Are there any 'Unknown Devices' in device manager ?
  15. Todd Becker

    Todd Becker New Member

    I did have a number of unknown decided, but when I pointed the driver update at the downloaded rar file it didn't find an update.

    I ended up refreshing the box using the prebuilt image, WiFi is working now and updates are applying.

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  16. brooksa

    brooksa New Member


    FYI : you don't "point the driver update at the downloaded rar file"

    You extract all the files in the RAR file into a directory / folder and point there. The driver update won't unzip the RAR.
  17. Todd Becker

    Todd Becker New Member

    Thanks. Wouldn't it make more sense to make that a zip file rather than rar as that doesn't require additional software to unpack?

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  18. brooksa

    brooksa New Member

    Possibly, yes. But alas, I'm just a regular user just like you.

    One of the first applications I install on any PC is 7zip which will handle all archive formats.
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  19. skynet

    skynet Moderator Moderator

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  20. Sharcatac

    Sharcatac New Member

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