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picture stuttering

Discussion in 'NEO U1' started by uri, Feb 21, 2016.

  1. uri

    uri Member

    Hi guys, I really want an answer for my problem because no one seems to give me a straight answer.I have a minix u1 with firmware 005 connected to a full HD 50hz tv (detected by u1).
    Option of self adaptive refresh rate is on 'level 2' but I get movies stuttering in all files from all sources.popcorn time, hdd movies, you tube...
    The only way to avoid this is to enable kodi's 'adjust screen refresh rate', but I don't want to use only kodi so what is the problem? The firmware, the device? I see that I'm not the only one to experiencing that, so what to do else before giving up on minix brand? A 130$ on a device that won't play anything correctly is a shame and of top of all that no one of minix guys gave me an answer, so what's the forum for?
    Please guys I'm tired from trying to fix it.
  2. PatrickvH

    PatrickvH New Member

    I have to agree with you. Really disappointing that a device of this price and quality does not perform properly.
    I do think in future it will become better and the hardware and OS (Android 5) is just to new for the Minix developers.
    On the other hand, I did many searches and did not find a powerful device like this for a better price.
    I have some 'luck' my TV is just FullHD as well, if it was 4K it was much more disappointing.

    I have multiple players. Like Raspberry, a mini PC, PS4 and Chromecast. All are lacking something. For us at home, we are most happiest with Chromecast 2, which happen to be also the cheapest!

    I must say I have good faith in the Minix developers team. Especially Ken is pretty active on this forum. Do not know him personally but he sounds very friendly and always happy to help.

    For me, I am looking at a second mediaplayer and thinking about the MINIX NEO X8-H PLUS.
    It is a bit less powerful than the U1 and older OS (Android 4.4) but at least Minix solved most, if not all, problems with it.
    Maybe you can return your U1 to the shop and change it to an MINIX NEO X8-H PLUS?
    Here is a good comparison between the two: http://www.minixforum.com/threads/u1-vs-x8h.9512/
  3. uri

    uri Member

    Hi Patrick,I don't know if I will change it to a prior model.the problem I have here that no one from minix forum answers my question.I don't know if they know about the problem or not-if it just my unit or not.I don't get a pro answer.
    To send the unit back abroad just for evaluate another model is to pricy and will take long time.
    If I change it then only to Windows OS.
    It's sad that no one officaily say something for bad or worst.
  4. PatrickvH

    PatrickvH New Member

    Hi Uri, my main problem is that sound stutters about every 10 seconds when playing 1080p at 60Hz. There is a bugpost and the Minix team is trying to solve it.
    That is not just my unit or yours, every U1 unit has that problem.
    They blame it on the receiver between the TV but why should we use TV stereo (2.0) instead of proper hifi (5.1 or 7.1)?
    Even soundbars (kind of receiver) with 2.1 are having the same problem.
    Work-around for me is to watch 720p instead of 1080p but it should be fixed within a couple of months.
    Also, the X8-H Plus does not have that problem so I have good hope they will fix it.
    My best guess it is network/Internet settings related, because (in my case at least) it does not happen with DVD/MKV I stream from my Synology NAS to U1 XBMC.

    Just to be sure your device is not 'extra' broken, compared to common problems we all have, can you try streaming from another PC or put a 1o80p50Hz on an USB stick and try?
    I am not 100% sure about USB because the U1 only has USB2.0 ports. Speedy NAS or PC is preferred. If you have fast WIFI you might be able to put streaming software on your iPhone/Android phone/tablet and use the U1 XBMC to use that local streaming. (hope this is clear enough, if not I am happy to explain some more)

    I bought my U1 for especially that reason here in The Netherlands. If it is broken, I get pretty fast repair (I hope).
    I have bought many other things from China directly and been doing this for over 10 years.
    Yes it is much cheaper, but shipping sometimes takes long and, just as you mention, repair or sending back is next to impossible.
    Maybe you have a shop nearby where you can buy a X8-H Plus and bring back in time? Here in The Netherlands shops are forced by law to take back in 14 days.
    If the X8-H Plus does fix all your problems, just sell your U1 and order a X8-H Plus from China if you want it cheaper.

    About switching to Windows OS, my experience is that Windows is missing futures as well.
    Yes you can use a mini computer with OpenElec/Kodi and VLC but some have audio and/or video problems as well.
    Problem with that is, there is no universal supplier for Windows, you are on your own to fix those problems.
    Here at least you have a Minix developer team who try to fix it and have deep knowledge of the used hardware.
    Are you missing something in Android or do you just want Windows so you can use it as a 'normal' PC?

    If you read multiple replies from @MINIX - Ken, I think you will see he is trying to be as Pro as possible.
    He might just reply in this topic, too?

    Did you read the bug tracker too, because it is a bit hidden?
    You are free to add other bugs in firmware 5.
  5. newbie99

    newbie99 Ex Moderator

    I read every post since the relase of the U1 and I have to say I don't read often about this problem (only some posts and I don't know what's going wrong there, maybe the hw setup (also I only read sometimes about the 10sec sound stutter problem and not at every U1 unit as @PatrickvH wrote and it also seems to be a problem at the hw-environment) ????), also to use the setting at the fw (self adaptive refresh rate 'level 2') is better than to use the one at KODI...
    Which KODI version do you use? MINIX released there 15.3 at the past because of better PT support but ALSO because of better video support (e.g. streams only at top left corner) at the U1...
  6. PatrickvH

    PatrickvH New Member

    Dear @newbie99, don't take it personally and not meaning to go huge off topic, but if there is a hardware problem, the problem is with U1.
    Do not blame my or others receivers/soundbars setup.
    It is already explained many other devices work without problem (Chromecast/PS4/PC/tablet Android 5.1/etc).
    Only the Minix U1 has 10 second stutters with 'hacked' XBMC. Somehow the official Kodi is even more worse, that's less okay, but leaving that alone.
    Also Minix can fix it because they got it working properly on Android 4.4.
    My guess that they just do not know yet how to do it in Android 5.

    Maybe an example? You might be driving a bigger car and then a tire shop says the car is bad because it does not take 'standard' 15 inch wheels they only have in stock. It needs bigger 18 inch wheels.
    Who is in error then? The car builder or the tire shop? You are really going to blame the car builder because one tire shop cannot deliver 18 inch wheels?

    In this example of Minix and all others, everything else is working fine (i.e. at 1080p60hz) some are trying to blame the others.
    Now I ask you again, is Minix to blame or all others like Sanyo/Sony/LG/Philips/Cisco/Google/etc for not working properly?
  7. uri

    uri Member

    hi guys, as I read and tried to understand what minix staff said, the xbmc for minix is mandatory for streaming 7 ch audio.
    I don't hear any sound stutter in any way, and my problem is video only,specially with video in motion.
    the self adapative level 2 won't change the frame skip (every 1 sec), the only thing that fixed it is kodi software.
    it seems to override the minix option and makes the video fluent.
    but as I said, I want to use other apps and it's not fair that kodi should be the only video streaming app.
    it's strange that some people don't feel the video stutter, maybe it depends on the screen? I use a new 1080p lg screen and the minix should present correctly.
    I already received approval to return the minix , but I don't want to send it back if it's software related.
    the problem is that I didn't get any say from minix staff yet.
    about the windows OS, it has advantages and with no exception every windows pc (even old ones) will give you a good projection of A/V.
    I have a pipo x7 and it's flawless and its realy a nice media center, but the minix was more appealing with the remote and the intuitive UI.
    I realy hope to get an answer soon before I ship it back and yes, I think I won't deal with android machines anymore.
    if the new ngc-1 wasn't so expensive I would have bought it instead.
    you don't need a firmware on win. only a good launcher, some tweaks, and you are set to go.
    if minix would find a solution for me, it will sure change my mind completely because if the watching ability was good,
    the device would have been my favorite and minix - my favorite brand.
  8. uri

    uri Member

    :) dear Patrick, no way that it's the receiver problem only the u1 and I don't believe it to be hardware, only software.
    even in my case ,I could have blames the cpu or memory but if kodi works perfect everything should.
    if minix are sponsoring kodi, maybe they could take some advices from the developers on how making a level 2 option to actually work...
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  9. jarosujo

    jarosujo New Member

    Make sure:
    - to update to latest firmware
    - use xbmc minix edition
    - try xbmc/setup/hardware acceleration ON/OFF
    - try different combination of screen resolution and hdmi self adapt (I use 1080@24 + no self adapt or 1080@60 + self adapt level 1)

  10. newbie99

    newbie99 Ex Moderator

    I don't blame your or others receivers/soundbars setup but try to find aswers and so maybe soloutions

    HDMI version
    Chromecast = 1.x (I think 1.3 or 1.4 but nobody knows which version but definitely not 2.0)
    PS4 = 1.4
    PC = I BET you don't have a high end GC with HDMI 2.0 :)
    Tablet Android 5.1 = at best case 1.4
    etc. = the same story
    BUT the U1 have a 2.0 and like the RockChip devices the Amlogic S905 have a problem with some devices which are using HDMI 1.3 and lower... of course you can say it's a hardware problem but why to say it's an U1 problem? I can also say it's a xyz-environment problem where xyz could mean AVR and TV...

    BTW: X8 = 1.4 (and not because of Android 4.4)

    I don't know why we have to talk about Cisco and Google, but we can talk about audio and video devices... for example Samsung (if I'm not wrong the 2013 series) had a lot of problems at the HDMI implementation (where MINIX had a lot of "fun" with there X8 to get it right) and the newer 4K series (if I'm not wrong the 2014 series) seems to have also problem at the HDMI 2.0 implementation...
    (btw: I also own a Samsung... the first one... and definitely the last one ;) because I also have at different points problems... e.g. micro stutter (no no not at the U1 and X8 if they are running at 24p(Hz), but e.g. at sat-receiver which I have to use at 60Hz output to reduce the micro stutter (I bet because of the 120Hz panel (that's why 24p is smooth)), sometime "crazy/stupid " software effects, and so on...)

    Last but not least if it will be a generally problem and not an idividual problem then there will be much more "posttraffic" becuase of this problems and not only from some users...
  11. newbie99

    newbie99 Ex Moderator

    I also read somewhere here at the forum that at that moment you use the 'adjust screen refresh rate' at KODI it would disable the 'self adaptive refresh rate' option... I haven't tested it until now, but would you like to check the screen refresh rate at your TV (of course it would also be nice to know the fps at the content)? MAYBE your hw-environment have a problem with e.g. switching to 24p (I don't think your "full HD 50hz" will support it)???

    Anyway, to talk about all these things with out to know about which hw (AVR and/or TV) we are talking is really difficult (also to find a solution... e.g. at the HDMI 1.3 green/purple screen problem at some TV MINIX is working to find a solution (force RGB))...
  12. uri

    uri Member

    hi, I don't think that it's my job to know every mkv file's fps, nor to check the tv refresh rate.
    I have the an LG LF650 with 24P compatibility.
    if I play the same movie, or youtube videos on windows platform and on a phone or a tablet and it plays smooth,
    it's should play correctly on a 130$ unit.
  13. newbie99

    newbie99 Ex Moderator

    ok, I can accept it, but with this attitude you may have to accept there is no support (definitely not from/by me)...

    Meanwhile I saw your "discussion" at the Bugtracker thread where get some helpful answers by KEN, especially this one
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2016
  14. uri

    uri Member

    Hi friend :) , I didn't mean to hurt your feelings.I should have written "it's not our job.." I meant in general speaking that it's not out duty to try and solve problems like this and check frame rates of pictures.when WE buy an high end device we expect to fix the cable and power and that's it.
    I realy hope that he will check this further and maybe apply a fix to that.
  15. jimmyuso

    jimmyuso New Member

    hi, I don't think that it's my job to know every mkv file's fps, nor to check the tv refresh rate.
    I have the an LG LF650 with 24P compatibility.
    if I play the same movie for teamviewer for ipad, or youtube videos on windows platform and on a phone or a tablet and it plays smooth,
    it's should play correctly on a 130$ unit.