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[Possible SOLUTION] SD Card Problem

Discussion in 'NEO Z83-4' started by MrReis, May 26, 2017.

  1. ciberciccio

    ciberciccio New Member

    I'm having the same problem here, noway to fix it :(
    My Z83-4 was fully reinstalled last May with the Creator Update and the drivers provided in the Win 10 drivers thread. All worked fine at the beginning, including the sd card formatted ntfs and configured as a subdirectory "c:\users\mydata\" (drive letter removed). After some time the sd card began to disappear and appear again after some time without a specific event to cause it. Now disappeared completely and I cannot manage to see it again.
    The sd card (a 64Gb C10 U3 manufactured by toshiba) keep working fine on other computers.
    I can exclude the card reader and the rest of my z83-4 is broken in any way and I can say it is definitely an issue with the driver.

    Is it possible that someone from Minix tell us how to manage this issue or if a fix for this issue is under preparation and when will be released?
  2. Ritindra

    Ritindra New Member

    Can you please describe the steps to install the w8.1 driver. I tried to install, but still my ntfs Card with the users file on IT is not detectable....also tried the Fernando USB 3 drivers, without succes.
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  3. SAGB

    SAGB Member

    I found that my SD card seems to stay active, but USB storage drops after power save kicks in. On system wake up, the USB thumb drive is not present and has to be unplugged and plugged back in Could this be related?
  4. Cliff

    Cliff New Member

    I am having similar problems! I cannot transfer large (~5Gb) files reliably to my 64Gb SD card. It often works the first time at 25Mb/s but soon drops to zero and then spends a long time being erratic and finally times out and stops.

    BIOS 5.011 03/07/2017, W10 PRO v1709

    I also cannot get WiFi to work after upgrade. The Broadcom 802.11 fails to start. I have followed all of Ken's advice on file placement and reinstalled several times.

    I am stuck!
  5. Gardone

    Gardone New Member

    Same trouble since one week.
    "It often works the first time at 25Mb/s but soon drops to zero and then spends a long time being erratic and finally times out and stops."
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  6. Minimuck

    Minimuck New Member

    I just got my Z83-4 Pro from AliExpress. I booted an Ubuntu installer (from a USB stick), where it doesn't see the SD card. Then I booted Windows, and it isn't visible there. I have reinserted more than one different card a number of times. They are definitely upside-down with the connectors on top, and clicked fully into the socket.

    How can this be shipped with the primary storage expansion slot not working?

    I would prefer not to install an unsigned driver from an unofficial website in the hope it might work, particularly when some people report speed degradation or that it ultimately didn't fully fix the problem.

    Thanks for listening! I'm looking forward to a solution.
  7. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    Regarding Ubuntu, you may want to take a look here...
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  8. SAGB

    SAGB Member

    Mr. Reis...
    I know this is a bit off topic but does this also affect the CR Z3735F processor? My friend is having issues with both sound and SD card slot disappearing permanently after the last Windows Creators Update. It might be a coincidental hardware failure, but I was thinking of trying your fix for the SD card slot and was wondering if the same drivers would work.
  9. MrReis

    MrReis New Member

    Don't know. However, the problem isn't listed in "Intel Atom Processor Z3000 and Z3700 Series Specification Update August 2017" (Link).

    Don't know.