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Beta Release Pre-006 firmware

Discussion in 'Beta Firmwares' started by gufone, Jul 21, 2014.

  1. gufone

    gufone Big Owl - Developer Super Moderator

    I am having the pre-006 firmware,
    if you are interested and don't mind to test,
    please let me know, thanks.

    (no 1080fb & tun.ko isn't present in this pre-) [now available]

    24/9 update:
    I compared across Finless 1.6 ROM last night,
    this pre should play video a little smoother than it on stock clock (no OC).
    please feel free to comment after trying.


    26/9 update:
    Added new patch for HDMI ———————————bug fix.
    Known bug: NEO A2 airmouse when hot-plugged, video slowing down.

    10/10 update:
    Added tun (VPN) support. (preloaded, you don't need to use tun.ko installer)
    Fixed NEO A2 airmouse hot-plug audio bug.

    flash method:
    1.) unzip the image file to flash with the RKBatchTool.exe V1.7 (Windows) using the Restore;
    2.) unzip the image, rename it to update.img, copy the update.img file to a SD card, and put it into X7 (OFF), then power the X7 up, system will detect and prompt asking for update confirmation.

    P.S. If you're not using MINIX firmware, please use method 1, I'm not sure method 2 would work on 3rd party firmware or not.
    And, this is pre, so please do expect problems! just feel free to report any!