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problem with my settings? - Help!

Discussion in 'NEO X8-H, X8 Plus & X8 Guides and FAQs' started by vfc, Nov 30, 2016.

  1. vfc

    vfc Active Member

    I have a minix x8 h running with latest software available.
    I have attached to it a logitech c170 camera which worked fine on my minix x7 but seems to be having problems to work properly on my x8 h.
    Can some please tell me how mt settings should read as this is driving me crazy. I have uninstalled skype and re installed latest version.
    I suspect that I have tried so many thing in my settings which have probably changed all .
    I will pint out that when i try to use the cam, it does come on but no sound at all is registering both from my side and at the other end. I also noticed that when i try to put the sound on and push the button, the sound bar goes directly to full and when I decrease it goes to very start again (0) , all this while still no sound is coming out.
    thanks in advance for any coming assistance.
  2. vfc

    vfc Active Member

    I have now noticed that this is happening all the time when I am using android APKs. Sound bar is ok when I start using an apk and soon after it changes need sound line only goes to either no sound of to full sound while no sound comes out at all. I have to turn off box and start again. It is very annoying.
    Box is connected directly by hdmi cable and have tried it on more TVs with different cables.
    I also have a x7, u1 and U9 and all work fantastic.
    I really wish that some one can help.