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Problems adding Mac based SMB Share - Neo U9

Discussion in 'Kodi/XBMC for MINIX' started by Cyberman, Mar 12, 2017.

  1. Cyberman

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    Complete newb to these Android boxes but most impressed with the U9 / A3 combo I just bought as a trial for replacing my Apple TVs. Only problem I've had was trying to add an SMB share to Kodi 17 where the share resides on a Mac Mini.

    Actually I'm guessing this isn't really related to Minix or the U9 at all, rather it's down to Kodi or, more specifically, Apple and their their lame and outdated support for SMB sharing. Just posting here in case it helps anyone else having the same problems and to see if anyone using Kodi on Minix devices has come across it an better ways round it.

    I've read literally dozens of threads relating to this, most of which seem to rely on enabling the guest account on the hosting Mac Mini and allowing users of the guest account to access shared files. But jeez, I tried absolutely EVERY way that was suggested and kept drawing a blank, especially when trying to add the share via File Manager in Kodi 17. Trying what I think is supposed to be the quickest / easiest way I went through File Manager to try and browse for any SMB shares and got the 'Error 2: Share not available'. Then I tried dozens of ways trying to add the source by name, name adding the .local and also by IP address. Tried it with and without share folder names and with and without user name and password but every single time I got one fail message after another from 'Connection Refused', 'Broken Pipe' and 'Directory no available'. Really was an absolute PITA. Like I say, not down to the U9 at all I think but I can really see how some people might get seriously frustrated with Kodi if they're using Mac shares if their experience was anything like mine.

    Eventually, I DID get it to work by going in through the Movies / TV shows and adding them via the IP address "smb://192.###.#.###/(Name of Folder e.g. Movies and TV Shows). That worked, but it literally took hours to solve. Being an Android / Kodi newb sure didn't help I guess but I'm thinking if this wasn't a Mac based share it would have been a whole lot easier.

    I also tried SPMC thinking that maybe the Kodi version I was trying (the default that's installed on the U9 - Krypton 17 - not Minix XBMC as it says on the box [that had me confused for a while too]) but the result was the same, numerous flavours of 'no' messages.

    Has Kodi with Mac shares always been such a PITA? Would the Minix XMBC (which I think is awaiting a Kodi 17 release) make it any easier or more stable? Or is it just down to Apple? Because if it is, I'll be phasing Apple out of my hardware purchases from now on, been growing more and more disgruntled with Apple and their approach to just about everything over recent years anyway, this is just another 'thanks for nothing Apple' to chalk up.
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  3. Cyberman

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    Thanks. I'll have a try of that later.

    Must say, I'm pretty blown away with the U9. Paired with the A3 I think it's brilliant. Played every type of file I've thrown at it. And, here in Thailand, I have several media sources that I want to have just one box for. And that MEANS one box. Not one box and sling to it with another device (e.g. Iflix and using a laptop to Airplay via an Apple TV).

    I tried a Fire TV, knowing that it did Netflix and Amazon Video in HD. Foolishly I thought it would ALSO do Amazon Prime (their international service) as well, but no. Not supported outside of Amazon account countries. Can't even access your legitimately paid for media at all unless you use a phone or browser. Screw that!!!!

    So the U9 does everything I need:
    Iflix app works - yes
    Netflix - yes
    Amazon app - yes
    YouTube - yes
    Browser and maps yes
    Play Store - yes

    And all without the 'in yer face' Amazon UI AND the messing about with the app side loading BS.

    Using all those with the A3 is great too. If one input method doesn't work, the Air Mouse fly option will.

    Just a shame that my chosen share device is a real bitch to use, to such an extent I've even wrote a note so I know how to get it back if it goes down at all. But, that I'm sure is an Apple V smb / Kodi issue.

    Looking forward to seeing how the U9 develops and if any of the developments make Mac SMB shares easier. But I think that depends on Apple. If it stays lame, I look forward to binning Apple too!!!

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  5. Cyberman

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    Finally seem to have found a fairly failsafe way to add these SMB shares to all my Kodi equipped devices. Things I have made sure of:

    Sharing device has a reserved IP address on network
    Connected by using the 'smb://## IP address ##/EXACT folder name
    Using the device name or device name with '.local' appended NEVER worked

    I have guest account enabled on Mac
    Guest account can access sharing
    Permissions I've set to read / write for 'Admin' and 'Everyone'

    FINALLY, seems this recipe works with SPMX and Kodi on both U9 and Fire TV.
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    Well done (y)
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