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Problems with minix X6

Discussion in 'NEO X6' started by domdom, Apr 29, 2018.

  1. domdom

    domdom New Member


    I use Minix box to access Netflix (works perfectly) and to watch Molotov TV. Have got 2 boxes, each one for one TV 4.4.2 version Minix Neo X6
    My boxes are 3 years old approximately..
    To get molotov it has been working perfectly till one month ago..Now everyday I have to unload Molotov app and reload it.. then it works.. Otherwise as soon as I switch the box of, and reswitch it and go to Molotov app, it says "Sorry, Molotov crashed, try to reload it and check your internet connection"
    I then have to do the full procedure again.. unload and reload and it works..
    Another thing for one week, I use the boxes with the same Netflix account, I don t get the same offers... For example yesterday was looking something on the 1st TV.. On the second one later on, this movie was not available, even typing the name of it.. Same for the other TV when I then began to watch something else last night.. Tried to look at it from the first TV this morning, not available even searching for title
    Any idea about the problem and how to fix it ?
    Thanks a lot
    Have a nice sunday