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"ProBox2-ex" firmware

Discussion in 'X8-H & X8/Plus Custom ROMs, Kernels & Discussion' started by tobenary, Jun 22, 2017.

  1. DrHouse

    DrHouse New Member

    When i download the link i get:

    I need i think : minix_metro_v2.7_com.xiaozhenhe.minix.apk, for the original minixlauncher?
    Where is apk_extractor_pro_v3.6.7_com.magdalm.apkextractor.apk for?
    And the power_menu_v1.0_com.minix.power_selector.apk for?
  2. Serpico

    Serpico New Member

    minix_metro_v2.7_com.xiaozhenhe.minix.apk= original minixlauncher
    power_menu_v1.0_com.minix.power_selector.apk= original minix power menu (for sleep, restart, power off option)
    apk_extractor_pro_v3.6.7_com.magdalm.apkextractor.apk= is a app wich extracts app's (this is how i got the original minixlauncher)
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  3. DrHouse

    DrHouse New Member

    Thank you, i gonna try this
  4. DrHouse

    DrHouse New Member

    I switch back to Probox2 menu.

    I have a weird problem.
    When I turn the box off for a few days, the date and time are moving.
  5. Argyrios

    Argyrios Member

    Yes, in my case it was the bloody Minix Neo A2 airmouse that was redirecting the sound to itself!!!
  6. Nicky

    Nicky New Member

    I am unable to upgrade. After booting into Recovery, the device (X8-H) is not available at all in the Burning tool nor Windows detects it (no USB connected sounds, nothing in device manager). I have tried to upgrade on two different PCs running latest Win10 x64 Pro with no avail. If I boot normally the device is visible in Windows as a multimedia device. Any suggestions?
  7. Pinraiser

    Pinraiser New Member

    i installed the file on my minix 8x-h succesfull but no sound when i play a video on Kodi, i cant choose HDMI or spdif, when i do everytime he goes back to standaard setting?

    someone any suggestion.
  8. famousmini

    famousmini New Member

    Can somebody tell if it works with x8 plus ?
  9. eac

    eac New Member

    Well my friend, I've just been there!
    You'll get your unit back, by installing the SDcard way with the fw from here: http://www.minixforum.com/threads/x8-x8-plus-x8-h-official-firmware-009-20160324.11938/
    Like I've said, you have to use the 2nd variant: "USB .zip update package"

    I've told about my story here http://freaktab.com/forum/tv-player...-with-probox2-ex-firmware?p=668158#post668158

    Good luck!
  10. famousmini

    famousmini New Member

    Again my question:
    Can somebody tell if it works with x8 plus (i see only x8h hier)?
  11. famousmini

    famousmini New Member

    I come back next year.
    may be I get an answer :)
  12. ze7zez

    ze7zez New Member

    I have a huge request.
    Can anyone tell me if SwiFTP 1.24 opens correctly in Probox?
    The application has only 76.6 KB.

    The problem I described >here<, but Minix did not give me any logical and real answer.
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  13. eac

    eac New Member

    Well my friend, next year when you'll come, if you'll still have the old X8-H+ then you could try yourself and tell us if it'll work...
    Remember that you can't do anything unrecoverable to your unit.
    You will flash it... let's say it'll not work... then you'll flash back your stock firmware and you're done.
    But if I think that someone here said that Probox has S812 Amlogic and if I'm right, X8-H+ has the same CPU inside, than we can think that you'll have a big chance to win.
  14. famousmini

    famousmini New Member

    Thanks eac for your reaction. I don 't have x8-H but x8 plus. I know already dat it works with the first one.
    Thanks anyway
  15. eac

    eac New Member

    OK, I see... my mistake!
    But hey, I will keep saying that your CPU is in the same family, so you should give it a try.
    It's your lost if you don't :)
  16. famousmini

    famousmini New Member

    Eac Thanks again for your help. I shall give it a try for sure
  17. bikeridercz

    bikeridercz New Member

    Let me confirm that Probox image works great on Minix X8-H. However Minix Metro launcher caused a problems to me. Video in Kodi player was stuttering. When looking into Kodi/System info there was one of processor cores always loaded at 100%. After switching back to original Probox launcher everything works fine again. Thanks !
  18. nfilipe97

    nfilipe97 New Member

    Any solution to the screen size problem?

    Enviado do meu SM-G955F atrav├ęs de Tapatalk
  19. eac

    eac New Member

  20. bikeridercz

    bikeridercz New Member

    Hi, I have to take back my few days old statement the Probox firmware works great on my X8-H. The important issue for me is a sound pass-through via SPDIF interface to my home theater. I spent few days fiddling with settings in Kodi and Android's Digital sound menu with no success. Sound was send out through SPDIF but as a stereo only.
    I was forced to leave Android and install linux with LibreELEC image with Kodi 17. It solve my issues completely, there is any video stuttering and audio swithes to DTS 5.1 if available.