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FAQ PS4 dualshock controller support

Discussion in 'NEO U1' started by MINIX - Ken, Nov 9, 2016.

  1. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken MINIX Team Member Administrator

    Dear all,

    Recently SONY released a wireless USB receiver for the PS4 dual shock controller:

    It's supposed to work with Windows & Mac but we have already tested it on U1 and it's working.

    We tested on FW010.

    So please go get one if you want to use this controller on your U1, the official dongle is now there.

    Please kindly note.

    Team MINIX.
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  2. Repomeng

    Repomeng New Member

    Hi ken,

    So there is no other economic way to connect ds4 controller to the box?
  3. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken MINIX Team Member Administrator

    Root & buy an app?
  4. OliverTwist

    OliverTwist New Member

    Good day dear Ken. How about PS3 original controller? Is it possible to game if I got one?

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  5. newbie99

    newbie99 Moderator Moderator

    I would say it's a question you have to ask SONY.
    If the USB-Receiver doesn't work with the PS3 controller http://www.minixforum.com/threads/ps3-controller.10066/