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Custom ROM Quickshot for X7-mini - The Nitro Team custom rom - loelas

Discussion in 'NEO X7 mini Custom ROMs, Kernels & Discussion' started by HardwareGuru, Jul 24, 2014.

  1. HardwareGuru

    HardwareGuru Developer Administrator

    THe NiTRo TeaM presents

    * QuickShoT *

    The Nitro TeaM (T.N.T) formed: Litry, Tincore, leolas, Skelton, and Daemonium. We are some spanish people who join to make some customs and have fun with it [​IMG]

    With our first rom as T.N.T we have proposed to develop a rom fast and stable, clean, aesthetically cared without too many frills and best functionality and easily as possible. Time is short and we had to work very fast and very hard so consequently we have baptized it as: QuickShoT. This rom is a port of our Quickshot rom for the Neo X7. X7 mini has some diferences in hardware, so it has a different kernel too, some differences in some BT files, etc...
    We have not this device, But some friend of AndroidPC tested it for us and reports that it works great [​IMG]
    We hope you enjoy it as much as we have done creating it.


    -Debloated, if you miss some apps from Minix stock tell us.
    -rooted with the latest updated SuperSu.
    -Updated busybox and flash_image binary so you can flash some partitions from terminal emulator.
    -All Google applications updated to their latest version.
    -Added support adb init.d.
    -Launcher MOD, transparency and customization of launchers and wallpapers,.
    -Pre-installed apps EsFileExplorer, Chrome, Tincore Keymapper, Quickflasher, Reboot, xbmc, mod, adaway, terminal emulator. All applications are installed as user, so If any of them not like, you can uninstall them without problems.
    -added support for some input devices like F10 and RiiMini i8.
    -translation of settings to Spanish (some missing parts).
    -replaced the cursor in framework.
    -xbmc-Mod to include the addon xbmcbackup and customization of image of home. This was made before minix launch his own xbmc app, we are testing the minix xbmc Beta actually. So maybe this app will be updated soon. While we do that you can use the minix xbmc in this rom without problems. Uninstall our XBMC and install the minix one.
    -CWM recovery installed automatically after the first start. Now you can perform backups of your Rom, install new updates from the recovery without PC or restore previous backups.
    -Included Quickflasher from Tincore to flash kernels as simple to a few clicks.
    -Some other tweaks applied.


    This Rom includes a special app designed so anyone can Flash a kernel easily with a few clicks, this app is called QuickFlasher (a great job of Tincore, who has worked hard in the Team to provide it to us) and provides by default three kernels:
    1) Kernel Stock.
    2) Kernel with Ram overclocked to 720.
    3) Kernel with Ram overclocked to 667.
    This Rom comes with the stock kernel by default but we strongly recommend you to try the kernel with the ram OC to 720, the user experience totally changes, in fact this kernel is that the team uses by default in their own tvbox.
    Flash the kernel is as simple as opening the QuickFlasher and click on the kernel you want to Flash from the list, when it finish , reboot and ready. isnt easy?, .
    If you want to Flash other kernels, then you only have to put those kernels in a folder called quickflasher on the sdcard, internal or external, even in a usb-pen [​IMG] make it easier is impossible, isnt? Change your kernel will not be a task reserved for avetage users.

    Other application from our teammember Tincore, is a keymapper, used to configure all kinds of input devices: USB remotes, keyboards, mouse, airmouses, simulates touchs with our mouse/airmouse clicks. It is a great complement to any Stick or TV Box, in our opinion is a program that simply must be in these devices. If you want to use Tincore you have a WIKI about how to use it where it is explained properly how to use.
    WIKI: https://www.google.com/url?q=http://...3TJ1-jmmZJbFOw
    Help forum: https://www.google.com/url?q=https:/...XLy0t6IOH2xRhA

    We also incorporate Reboot.apk, another app made by Petrus at http://www.freaktab.com, an application that allow us different reboot mode and shutdown. Tired of using the clip to press the hidden reset button in order to enter recovery or Bootloader? With this app you can do it in a couple of clicks from android.

    Our rom also installs cwm recovery in the box after the first start, as you can see, the stock recovery is very limited and doesn't allow us to do virtually nothing useful, with cwm recovery you will be able to make backup of your rom and restore it, update roms without pc and updates too, if you're tired of having to configure the full rom whenever we install it from scratch (either by a fail by touching something, one thing that worked before and now there is no way, etc...) Once installed the rom, fully configured, with the programs that we use, then make a backup from cwm and if something fails, in 5 minutes you can restore it from cwm recovery. We will also try to use cwm to add the updates in the rom. Forget about to have to connect to PC and install the updates from the X7.

    This rom also includes ADAway, it updates our host file and block some advertising and banners.

    We have included a version of xbmc that already included xbmcbackup so that you can restore your previous backup.

    We also advise that you see and try the new wallpapers added to the stock launcher, a great work of Litry.


    Alternative Link

    Thanks to:
    -To MSX2 and Z81, administrators from AndroidPC.es.
    -To developers in freaktab.com.
    -To Minix for its Colaboration.
    -fun for the cwm recovery binary. (http://www.androtab.info)
    -Petrus (http://www.freaktab.com) for its implementation of reboot.
    -Phjanderson for his rkpatchomatic tool.

    The Nitro Team.
  2. HardwareGuru

    HardwareGuru Developer Administrator


    Flash from windows XP, windows 7 or windows 8, that is the simple way, if you use linux, MACOS or windows 8.1 the thing is more complicated. It can be done, but it is a pain in the...
    This process will erase everything that we have installed in our Minix Neo X 7, so that make backup everything that you want to retain before installing the ROM.
    Download and unzip the rom.
    Connect the pc usb to microusb beside the sdcard card, press the reset button that is located next to the HDMI connector with a clip and press the power button, the pc detects new hardware connected.
    Open RKAndroidTool.exe and click ERASE IDB, when the process of NAND erase is complete, click Run and this flashed the new ROM, after which the Stick will restart automatically. Initially entering the stock recovery and formatted some internal partitions. Then it will restart again and begin the startup of the new ROM.


    Just after the ROM finish his installation, appears an installation wizard:
    -select our language, by default is in Spanish. But english is the next one in the list.
    -configure your wifi network if you use it.
    -configure your GMAIL and PLAY STORE account.
    -once the setup-process is completes, click the HOME button. You're ready to enjoy the ROM. While you've done this setup_wizard process, CWM recovery is installed in your recovery partition and some additional applications are installed as well, all of them like user, so if any are not interesting to you, they can be uninstalled from settings without any problem.


    -Go to settings, in WiFi section, if you use wifi, we recommend that you press the 3 dots points that appear in the top right of the screen, select Advanced settings and deactivate WIFI optimization, our Android uses no battery and it is better to have wifi to 100% always [​IMG]
    -If we don't use BT, disable it, if we use it, from there we can setup and configure our Bluetooth devices.
    -Please do the same with Ethernet, if not to use it disable it.
    -If we do not use a 3G Dongle, like most dont, we recommend to disable in more/mobile networks/ enable data and data roaming, puth both to disable.
    -If we dont want the system bar appears. We're going to display, and select autohide system tray.
    -In the screen section, you can set multiple values, in scaled screen we must adjust the bar to match the edges of our android system with our TV or monitor.
    -if we want an icon for screenshot in our system tray we we can activate it in settings/screenshotsettings.
    -in the applications section, we have all that come installed with the rom, if any are not interested you can remove them, we have included the apps we consider essential, but are all as user applications, so if them bother you, you can remove them without problems.
    -in the Security section, if you want to install applications from other sources non Google Play Store. We have to mark unknown sources.
    -In language and text input, we have a couple of options that we recommend, Tincore Keymapper, to configure your input devices: pads, josticks, airmouse, keyboards, etc... and NULL INPUT METHOD, an application so that if you use external keyboard avoid us that annoying Google keyboard is displayed. By default, I advise you to install any of these two.
    -development options, we recommend that you activate active display, this makes that the HDMI output not turn off when we take a while without using the device, remain on the device without entering the mode of suspension.
    -also in development options, there are a few options who decrease the duration and transitions of the animations used the system, we see the Minix X 7 enough fluid to move by Android, but if anyone wants more smooth feeling of we recommed you to put 0, 5 x -scale animation of window; (transition-animacion scale and scale length animation.
    -in the Tv Box information can disable the system updates the AUTO - UPDATE CHECK, is a species of OTA updater rockchip which is not working and not worth us for anything [​IMG]

    The Nitro Team.
  3. Casper

    Casper New Member

    I just installed QuickShot V3.1 on my minix 7 mini. I can really recommend it. When i got my minix a few weeks ago i was pretty disappointed with it (booting takes about 3 minutes, doing something after booting doesn't work - i need to wait for about 2 more minutes before the system becomes responsive, multitasking is very slow, and more IMO performance lacking things).
    I've been test-driving v3.1 of this rom (i got it at www.freaktab.com) for several hours now and it's soooo much faster than the stock rom. I'm really happy with my box now!
  4. Good evening everyone. I am using the custom 3.1 Nitro build for the Minix X7 minii and Minix X7. I even have a Minix X8 for testing but there is not a KitKat 1080p rom yet so I am not testing it.

    Here is the question. On boot, it is loading this cartoon Greenday looking image. I want to get rid of that completely. I am trying to make a custom android build for selling as a product but it is not professional having that image there... Is there a way to remove the intial boot image for the Nitro v3.1 Rom? I know how to change the animation already.

  5. Higgs

    Higgs Yellow Dude Super Moderator

    The stock firmware for the x8 is kitkat 1080p.

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  6. Is it TRUE 1080p? and not just video output.

    If it is true 1080p I will test with another cable, Sometimes when I use DVI to HDMI it down scales to 720p

    Still need to know how to get rid of that startup image.
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  7. HardwareGuru

    HardwareGuru Developer Administrator

    The kernel logo is baked into the kernel. Only perfect binary editing can do the job.. so that i a nogo as you have to ask how.. it needs a lot of skils.
  8. HardwareGuru

    HardwareGuru Developer Administrator

    It is a .pmm raw ascII format with just 224 colors... find the header in binary code lol
  9. Got it, so in other words, Fageeeettttabooout it.

    Guess I will try to play around with the stock Minix roms. I can live with "Minix" on startup.

    I have tried every rom out there., HardwareGuru, does your rom have true 1080p, root access, Non crazy boot image, kitkat for the Minix X7 Minii?

    I liked this rom because even if I was in 720p, it scaled everything to make it look like 1080p, granted the image quality was not the highest, it still worked for my application.
  10. HardwareGuru

    HardwareGuru Developer Administrator

    yup forget it lol..

    My JB 5.0 rom has no boot logo ( just black screen if i remember correctly lol.. otherwise normal minix logo) and is true 1080p ( root can be done with Gufone his zip patches )

    so what are you waiting for :D
    Have fun
  11. I found a way to remote into android devices and control them like Teamviewer. Took me 2 years testing out all the competition... It is called ISLonline

    Now I need to test your Rom on Monday, and then see if I can customize the apps, boot login, and everything else... Then see if I can backup and restore it on multiple devices and have my own images of it. I work for a software company. My end game is trying to develop a public display computer, a computer that displays only one website, stays always on and I can remote control and fix it if need be. It is possible to have over 2000 of these out there if this works. We currently tell people to but a 450$ computer.

    I have the Minix X7, X7Mini, and the X8, I like the mini because it is very small and no power button. I have also cut the power cable on that device and could power the DC jack straight from USB! So in theory, all you need at a TV to display anything is plugging in a USB and HDMI from TV to Minix box.

    Which in your preference do you prefer between the X7, mini, or X8? I have 6 X7mini, and 1 X7, 1x*
  12. HardwareGuru

    HardwareGuru Developer Administrator

    For projects like yours that i design at the moment the most used is X7 at 1080p
    Be carefull using USB power from TV, most TV's dont have enough current/amps to power it.
    X7mini is also good but lacks dualband wifi.
  13. Lime

    Lime New Member

    Hi All,

    I was wondering if you can help at all?

    Really like the Custom ROM, but we are looking to use it with an ELO touch screen who have stated that their screens SHOULD work natively with 3.8.x kernel. Is there any way to get a 3.8.x kernel onto the QuickShot 3.1 ROM for the x7 Mini?

    ANY help would be greatly appreciated!!


  14. truegodfather

    truegodfather New Member

    I installed the Quickshot ROM on my Minix X7 Mini and I found that when I play HD content in included XBMC it stutters a bit.
    I installed the Minix XBMC but I get a blank screen after the initial start up completes.

    Any thoughts?
  15. truegodfather

    truegodfather New Member

    I installed SPMC and it runs great!
  16. Lime

    Lime New Member

    Hi All,

    I was wondering if you can help at all?

    In addition to my above post, is there a way I can actually add support for this touchscreen to the existing ROM?


  17. Manuj

    Manuj New Member

    Which kernel are you using ?

    Video streaming (through Ethernet) fails after a few minutes for me...
    I used kernel 720, I will try with stock. I also require BT Audio.
    SPMC or XBMC pre-installed on the ROM would make no difference.
    So Box would just crash and restart.
    Any hints ?

    Just to help other people :
    I spent a few minutes figuring out why reseting the box was not always working. PC detection would not occur.
    But you have to make sure to remove USB cable each time (as well as power cable as clearly explained), just to make sure the Minix is switched off.
    Must be that the USB cable, when present, keeps powering the board. enough to prevent hard reset.
  18. Simon Cross

    Simon Cross New Member

    I've installed this on my Minix X7 Mini, and everything seems to work ok, except for the WiFi.

    Whenever I click to enable Wifi, it goes back to disables a second or so later. Anyone else had this happen?
  19. Scarsax

    Scarsax New Member

    I have a Minix Neo X7 mini (no antenna) I have flashed it with the latest Quickshot rom but I am having problems installing apps they seem to install but the install lasts hours and nothing installs. I have managed to install golT sports app but this just gives me a black screen.
  20. Scarsax

    Scarsax New Member

    I have used rest and rebooted the Minix and the problem with the app install has been cured. Unfortunately the golT app still is giving a black screen. I saw somewhere that this had been fixed by Minix but where do I find the solution??