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RAM Upgrade - CL9 or CL11

Discussion in 'NGC-1' started by Alberto96, May 18, 2017.

  1. Alberto96

    Alberto96 New Member

    I know that a question about RAM Upgrade has been already posted in the past, but i was wondering whether a CL9 DDR3L-1600 RAM Module would work fine or not on the NGC-1 considering that the pre-installed RAM Module is a CL11 variant.

    Just curious, because with CL9 i would gain a minor performance boost.

    Thanks in advance.

    @MINIX - Ken I guess you are the one who can give me a 99% sure reply.
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  2. klm

    klm New Member

    Hi it's so simple just open the box see the installerd memory and buy the same one model but 8 GB (Samsung), I have a post about that and that is it. I did the same (upgraded 8 GB) and work perfectly, preindtalled my windows, upgraded bios , after fresh install updates drivers(one by one from device manager(right click"update driver")) and the Ngc-1 is perfect, I have never had such problems as most people complain. The box has much better performance and all that(with the 8GB) costed me 400 CAD.
    Before that I had neoZ64A and U1.
  3. Alberto96

    Alberto96 New Member

    Unfortunately this isn't the reply to my question.
  4. klm

    klm New Member

    Sorry my friend I just shared my experience.
  5. Alberto96

    Alberto96 New Member

    Sure, i appreciate that. I'm not blaming you :)

    I'm just saying that the reply isn't proper for my question.