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Re-install Windows 10 OS on MINIX NEO Z83-4 - 1709 Image

Discussion in 'NEO Z83-4 Guides & FAQs' started by MINIX - John, Mar 1, 2018.

  1. skynet

    skynet Moderator Moderator

    @MINIX - John : Added JD2 procedure in first post to help users with bad connections.
  2. gdf

    gdf Member

    J1.PNG J2.PNG

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  3. skynet

    skynet Moderator Moderator

  4. gdf

    gdf Member

    Well I am sure everything done here is with good intention so thank you for acknowledging the Mega issue and for additional work on fixing the download issues.
    However! .. The problem still persists with regard Win 10 updating and after communication with MS who informed that there is no provision to cancel updates leads me to ask the question can anything be done that would deliver an up-to-date "1803" package in doing replacing the image used at the moment. My Z83-4 is now as I type downloading a 7th attempt to install 1803 update, after which my Z83-4 will have to reboot and receive another failed to install leaving me to sort out the C: clean-up. The Z83-4 drive now has 22.4 GB being used by Win 10 leaving 5.78 GB for any apps that I might want to install, this is whilst it continues to receive updates to the Win 10 version 1709. Something is clearly going wrong and a solution to rectify would be great. Thinking around the issue is there anyway perhaps the BIOS could allow external SSD drive to be the C: path and install and run everything via USB 3... Just a thought but it needs something to resolve the issue as the box will eventually become unusable and that seems to have already started. One last question what is the space normally taken up by Win 10? as 22.4 GB seems a lot. minix 1.PNG
  5. skynet

    skynet Moderator Moderator

    Maybe a full Win10 1803 system image should resolve this issue.
    @MINIX - John : is there a way to upload this ?
  6. gdf

    gdf Member

    My final posting with regard this thread I hope .. The status of my Z83-4 after three rebuilds and multiple attempts to get the 1803 update. I have watched the space fluctuate between 11.8 free space down to 7.8 over the course of update attempt, so I attach screen captures that show the start of the procedure to now. I will go in search of finding ways to cancel the 1803 update and if successful I will post remedies whilst hoping Minix Team will come up with a solution.

    minix 1.PNG minix 2.PNG Minix 3.PNG Minix 4.PNG
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  7. MarcoDruid

    MarcoDruid New Member

    Good morning,
    I have your same problem, how did you solve it?
  8. gdf

    gdf Member

    Sorry to say not resolved ... but managed now by not letting 1803 download .. space reclaimed by turning off the Hibernate feature in Windows reclaimed about 4 GB + . I am hoping the Minix Team come up with a solution, maybe it will need a new image that is the 1803 build as there is more to come from Microsoft down the line.
  9. Buntashin

    Buntashin New Member

    I am also on the z83-4.

    I well installed the windows image from the USB key. But then same problem I suppose, I am struck on the version 1709... it began to download the update but stopped when <30Mo left on HDD.
    I wiped the update temp files and trying again. (11Go freed...)
  10. Buntashin

    Buntashin New Member

    Just to update you all, it seems to be updating fine on my side (see capture after)

    Did just follow the update in 1st post, then at one time, I had to cleanup the update temporary files for Windows updates.
    Several restart later it now seems up-to-date.

    EDIT: cannot post images yet T.T
    imgur : "/a/JwwFy4F"
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  11. tracklayer

    tracklayer New Member

    Just to give you hope. I downloaded the mega slow original download followed the instruction and Eureka ;-) I am now on the latest version of 1803. The saving grace is that the last upgrade said. Not enough room insert a memory stick (Formatted as Fat 32 I think ) You need to clean up after each upgrade. Delete all old versions and various junk before proceeding each time.
  12. skynet

    skynet Moderator Moderator

  13. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    Gave you a Like. Try now!
  14. Todd Becker

    Todd Becker New Member

    I am onboard with all the others posting on this topic, if there is going to be a flagged post that recommends a process to reinstall windows, it should be kept current, I am still installing updates, with 1803 in flight right now.

    I prefer the clean install method that is using the Microsoft process to build the USB device, therefore starting with an updated image, however, I was not able to get all of the drivers working using that approach.

    As an alternative, I have also started experimenting with making the Z83-4 a Chromebox using CloudReady and I have to say, it looks promising. Booting of a v3.0 USB stick works like a charm. I was having a WiFi issue, but I was also having that issue on my Windows install and that has been resolved, I will soon see if it is also resolved in Chrome OS. In any case, Chrome flys in Chrome OS.

    Given the limited amount of remaining SSD space with a Windows install, once I install some applications (Sophos, MS Office) I expect that my next Windows OS update might have issues.
  15. sland

    sland New Member

    Having just bought a new Minix, should I run an update before starting the Minix for the first time or is it OK to start the minix, configure it and then run the update?
  16. skynet

    skynet Moderator Moderator

    Run the update before ;)
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  17. sland

    sland New Member

    Many thanks.
  18. bjolly

    bjolly New Member

    This problem has already been posted by two members before me, but there is no response yet. When booting from USB, this is what happens:

    Validate Install .wim file or Install.swm file exist
    D: \DeployOS not found in the script file must be
    An error has been detected.
    The End

    Any suggestions?
  19. TheMadHatter

    TheMadHatter New Member

    Just to say thanks for the Windows update file. It took me a good few hours but I'm finally on 1803 now. I had to use a FAT32-formatted USB key for the final upgrade to 1803, and of course did some disk cleanups during the process. The machine is now working like a charm and I'm left with 11.8GB of space. Fingers crossed that all future upgrades can proceed without issues. Thanks for the continued support Team Minix! (y)
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  20. bjolly

    bjolly New Member

    Could a mod please respond? I've contacted support, but they are also unresponsive. How can I get around this error?