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Re-installing Win10 to SSD

Discussion in 'NEO N42C-4' started by Hoss18, Mar 22, 2018.

  1. Hoss18

    Hoss18 New Member

    New to the Minix mini computer world, so bear with me. I've acquired a N42 for the dental practice I manage. Its terrific because it allows me to turn the LED TVs in the operatories into fully functioning computers capable of displaying patient charts, xrays, etc. It's able to take x-rays and run all of our practice software with no trouble. I have run into the problem however of the 32 GB is fully occupied by the OS. I have read a myriad of posts here about this issue, and understand I need to upgrade to an SSD.

    I have followed the guide and selected an SSD which is compatible. I have opened up the box and installed the drive and been able to see it in the OS. What's confusing me is the various paths to re-installing the OS mentioned in the videos(viewed) and the post threads. The workflow is a little confused.

    As I see it, the flow goes like this:

    1) install the SSD, make sure its working in the current OS
    2) follow the link to FTP or Mega download the zip file onto the SSD
    3) unzip the file on the SSD
    4) install the OS on the SSD
    5) reboot the device to the BIOS and disable the ECC version of the OS
    6) redirect the boot sequence to begin with the SSD
    7) complete the boot up and finish the install.

    My confusion lies in steps 2 and 3, as I see multiple references to installing that on an external SSD drive and then mirroring it onto the SSD. Which way should I go? Should I just download it to the SSD and unpack it there or go to the trouble of installing it on a separate stick?

    Last thought, if the system continues to perform in our office, I will be adding four more. Thanks in advance for your patience.

  2. Higgs

    Higgs Yellow Dude Super Moderator

  3. Hoss18

    Hoss18 New Member

    Yes, that was the directions i was following, just got a little confused. Then, I should use a USB key.

  4. MINIX - John

    MINIX - John MINIX Team Member Administrator

    To confirm, have you now managed to successfully install Windows 10 Pro on the SSD?
  5. Hoss18

    Hoss18 New Member

    I am installing it later today. I'm also a stay at home Dad, and my 10 yr old came home from school sick yesterday, so I'm behind. I'll let you know how it goes.
  6. Hoss18

    Hoss18 New Member

    The installation went smoothly, took less than half an hour. My workflow:

    1) Unpackaged the minix chassis
    2) open the chassis, install the M.2 SSD
    3) Hook up chassis to LED tv, keyboard, network, and Western Digital portable HD with the file downloaded from Mega
    3a I followed the directions to download and unzip the file to a USB3.0 external drive, and then copied all the child files to the root directory per instruction.
    4) Powered up Minix chassis while repeatedly striking F11 key
    5) interrupted boot sequence and got system menu
    6) Navigated System menu to chipset and then south cluster configuration and disabled SCC eMMC support as instructed, F4 to Save & Exit
    7) pressed the power button to restart boot sequence and again tapped F11 to interrupt and get system menu
    8) Navigated down to my external drive, booted from that
    9) waited about 10 minutes, and performed the “Cleanup Test” as instructed.
    10) powered down chassis, swapped out RAM for dual 8 GB memory
    11) closed up, reconnected to LED tv, disconnected portable drive, powered on
    12). Working

    Was actually pretty easy, thanks for all the support available here. It was a huge help.

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  7. Hoss18

    Hoss18 New Member

    I performed a second install on my other Minix box as the Win10 updates had filled the 32Gb. The second install went very smoothly as well, two things I noticed which may be of clarity for this forum.

    1) The installed SSD not being assigned a drive letter or seen in windows. I initially had this issue also, however, I realized during the second Win10 re-install, the reason I could see the SSD on the device manager but not in Windows was because it had not been formatted. On both of my re-installs, I had NOT formatted the SSD. I just put it in there raw and followed the workflow. The file downloaded from the MEGA site handled the formatting of the drive automatically for me. So for my future installations, I will simply unpack the Minix, install a new SSD and follow the procedures outlined above.

    2) After completing the installs and then doing the Windows updates, the Win10 OS was up to 47GB, and that was with the OS Compacted! So, basically, the 32GB is a waste of time. I don't know how y'all get around this in the future, maybe go back to Microsoft and have a discussion, but it's really not feasible to run that OS on just 32GB.

    The good news is, there is plenty of support and good information in this forum for just about anyone to upgrade the computers to work. And they are AWESOME! They are perfect for the application they are deployed to, and as budgets allow we will be upgrading the remaining three operatories

    Thanks for all the help and support.

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  8. CompReady

    CompReady New Member

    Thank you for starting this thread! I, too, had been thinking about putting together a similar setup for my Minix because I wanted to make sure that I could have Windows 10 available for some of the outside things that I may be doing at my own job. The to-do list is really easy to follow and I’m glad to see that you find it to be working well - thanks for posting your experiences, I will keep them in mind as I get started.
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  9. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    Which MINIX device do you have?
  10. gerhardenninga

    gerhardenninga New Member

    Hi Hoss,
    you found "after completing the installs and then doing the Windows updates, the Win10 OS was up to 47GB". I think, it would be very helpful (and is usually done) to clean the System between diffrtrnt updates by ight click to System Partition C:, properties, clean, clean System files . So you can hold a handsome sytem in the different steps.
    Regards gerhard
  11. Riverwalk

    Riverwalk New Member

    Hi all,
    Well I have made the cardinal error of undertaking this process very late at night when my brain was clearly not operating at full capacity, such as that is.
    i.e. made some mistakes by chopping & changing which process I was following and now I have created myself some issues.

    My issue is that when I try and boot from my external drive (Hoss18's Step 8) I get an error "B1InitializeLibrary failed 0xc00000bb"

    Possible contributing factors as to how I have delivered myself to this spot are:
    A. I installed a Samsung 860 EVO m.2 500Gb SSD as it was all I could find locally that met all the specs, but I was concerned that it was not on the compatibility list and wasn't showing after i restarted the N42C-4. To assure myself it was going to work I formatted the SSD to get it to appear as a network drive.
    B. Then I inadvertently copied the ftp file from my external hard drive direct to the SSD instead of to the root of the external HD as I had intended and also before I had disabled the eMMC
    C. Realising my error too late, after I had rebooted and started getting nasty results I have reversed as much of the above as I could and started from scratch, this time only reading from one workflow Hoss18's above which went swimmingly until the end when my error message came up.

    I take it that I have fragmented the hell out of things and that is where my error comes from.

    I am hitting the hay as I should have done before I started this. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions which could spare me from more of my self-inflicted dramas.

    Kind regards,
  12. gympiegympie

    gympiegympie New Member

    Did you get the Samsung 860 EVO to work?
  13. Riverwalk

    Riverwalk New Member

    Hi Gympie,
    The Samsung 860 EVO seems fine i.e. is visible, formatted etc.
    I haven't solved my other issues though so I haven't managed to be running Win 10 Pro from it as yet.
  14. Riverwalk

    Riverwalk New Member

    Hi again Gympie,
    Confirming that the Samsung 860 EVO is working fine. Am up and running with the new version 3 WIN10Pro zip file. Relieved to be rid of the error messages and have a great little machine to use.
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  15. Falcon58

    Falcon58 New Member

    I'm planning to make the same upgrade, and I have a question regarding your Step 3a of your instructions.

    In the following step 3a, do you put the folder that is the result of the unzip (see below), or

    ... the subfolders and files within that folder (see below) into the USB root folder

  16. MINIX - Martin

    MINIX - Martin Moderator Moderator

    Put subfolders and files into the USB root folder.
  17. jari

    jari New Member

    Why everybody making so hard to install to ssd?

    Just clone mmc to ssd and then close mmc from bios.

    Voilá, working just fine.

    Lähetetty minun Pixel 2 XL laitteesta Tapatalkilla
  18. skynet

    skynet Moderator Moderator

    Kiitos (y)
  19. MarkRy

    MarkRy New Member

    Firstly a very informative forum. Cheers. I have been studying this post in particular and need a bit of help pls but not on what I thought.

    I bought a 120gb M.2 and a usb enclosure. The drive was not recognised in the enclosure or on any computer. So I installed it in my minix. I could then see unallocated HDD in windows. So I used Acronis to create an image om M2 but that operation failed each time due to device not being ready during the process. So I did a full new install in the end.

    Downloaded 1803 update. Unzipped onto USB. Updated. Success! Many thanks to forum for getting right parts and image and walkthrough. Fabulous but unfortunately there is a problem. Unlike before update, I cannot see any network computers in Network or my Synology or QNAP servers etc. They show up as upnp etc but not in Windows Devices. I see this can be a (known) problem.

    Using Youtube I have made sure all different (network) services are running and that setting are all correct. Changed homegroup. THe Minix (itself) now shows up in devices but I cannot get any of my other computers or servers to show up.

    Sorry if this has been discussed. Might it be a problem with build 1803? Any ideas?

    Edit: If I re-enable old 32gb ssd then Networked computers and NASs magically appear in previous build of WIN 10.

    Many thanks in advance

    To avoid wasting peoples time I have gone back to cloning as it was 1803 too. If not then I will redo windows which I have on USB. Or maybe try a MS version?

    Update: Cloning failed again (bootable agent is waiting for removable drives) and this Win 10 build causes me networking problems. Cant see my NAS. Oh dear. Any ideas pls.
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2018