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Recovering X6

Discussion in 'NEO X6' started by Gurra, Jun 28, 2017.

  1. Gurra

    Gurra New Member

    Simple question - how do I get into Android Recovery mode on the Neo X6?
    I hate asking redundant questions but I have searched this forum, and the only suggestion I can find - on the original X6 firmware thread - is to push the "recovery button" next to the HDMI port, but this X6 does not have a recovery button. It doesn't have a micro USB port either, it has two standard USB ports.
    Please help.
  2. Higgs

    Higgs Yellow Dude Super Moderator

    The recovery/reset button is a pin hole usually on the underside of the box.
    Instead of the micro usb, use one of the normal usb ports, the outside one I think.

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  3. Gurra

    Gurra New Member

    Thanks Higgs for your ultra quick reply. There is indeed a pin hole underneath the microSD card slot.
    Was expecting a recovery menu but got only the minix boot logo (minix + droid) and a "WorldCup device" in device manager in Windows - yes, it is the outside USB port.
    "The USB Burning Tool" didn't pick anything up until after Windows reboot.
    Flashing went fine and just as per instructions, the last 5% are the slowest to complete.
    Initial boot was also very slow, with no output at all on HDMI at first, not even boot logo.
    But eventually it came up and works fine.
    Thanks again!
  4. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    For flashing you will not see a recovery menu!

    You should get a Recovery Menu if the device is not connected to a PC but just connected to your TV.