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Reflashing the Z64 Android OS (creating rescue disk)

Discussion in 'NEO Z64 Android OS' started by MINIX - Ken, Mar 11, 2015.

  1. Henkl33t

    Henkl33t New Member

    Sorry for not wright the solution, the solution was that the
    Rufus (open)
    Usb Flash Program
    changed the settings automatically. Always check your settings if something went wrong.
  2. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    What are you referring to?
  3. Huey

    Huey New Member

    A wireless keyboard will work just as well as long as your box isn't dead. I used one while booting a near-dead Z64A I thought I'd murdered the night before with a corrupt twrp img. It wouldn't power on at all but I knew it wasn't totally broke cos it was emitting enough power to turn on the light on the USB hub attached to it. It didn't have enough to power a USB stick tho and it's own light never came on. Until I had a brainwave and decided to prod the tiny hole underneath with a pin, I heard a little click and it didn't fix it but did let it attempt to boot up which was all I needed to reflash it with the image provided in this thread which everyone should remember is there, just in case.
    I always wondered what that little pinhole was but had no intention of poking it to find out until I had to. I don't know exactly what it is but pushing a pin in it allowed it to power up in my case along with its own blue ON light and once flashed it was running good as new again. So yeah, if you have a wireless keyboard and your box can connect to it it will work just as well as a wired one.
  4. Apfelali

    Apfelali Member

    Ok I see there is 1 docx file to download and 1 Uefi rar file....what is to to to fix that black screen?

    Download booth? On one memory stick?And then?

    Please make a step by step manual.....The worsest thing is no Television!!!!
  5. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    I think you will find the .docx file is the instructions! ;)
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  6. Apfelali

    Apfelali Member

    NOW....yes thats sounds simple :) docx
  7. Apfelali

    Apfelali Member

    A verry friendly man from China will replace my Minix Z64 for a new.While my box is only half year old....
  8. danny121pt

    danny121pt New Member

    Changed my z64 W to z64 A using this today, worked fine then updated to latest firmware by update.zip

    All working well and is fast and snappy.
  9. maxal

    maxal New Member

    Hi, I have been thinking about doing this can you give any advise or tips please
  10. danny121pt

    danny121pt New Member

    I first had to change the bios from windows to android.

    Then I followed the instructions on first post.

    Much prefer it on android to windows.

    Only thing I didn't do was back up the windows, which aint no issue for me as won't revert back.

    My only advice is, once android is flashing it takes a while, it looks like its froze (says on instructions) then it just loads up.

    I am also kept the "android rescue usb" so if any issues on android can just reflash it again
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  11. Chris Page

    Chris Page Member

    I had the V-Fat error, i just had to use another usb stick and it worked fine.
  12. Citislicker

    Citislicker Member

    This is a mess, why not just post the .img file ? I can not get this file, and I have downloaded that .RAR file several times now, and I cannot find the Win32DiskImager.exe ANYWHERE with the .IMG file on it. ! I need help please. Where can we get this file ?
    . Extract the content (xxx.img) file from local disc.
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2016
  13. Citislicker

    Citislicker Member

    do we have to use this Win32DiskImager.exe ?>?????? I can not find the xxx.img file.
  14. Citislicker

    Citislicker Member

    I have tried each of one of these links and no good ! I have extracted the image as well. Why do we have to use that Win32 Disk Imager anyway ?? Why not make it a simple down load and boom. done. ?>?? Why so damn dificult ?????
  15. Higgs

    Higgs Yellow Dude Super Moderator

    Extract the IMG file from the rar file. If you can't extract the IMG file then make sure the rar file is downloaded correctly. Using a download manager is recommended.
    The diskimager.exe is needed to write the IMG file to the USB stick.
    The instructions are all in the doc file.

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  16. Citislicker

    Citislicker Member

    Thank you, I will continue to try .. Been at this all day long.. On my vacation.. Oh God.
  17. Citislicker

    Citislicker Member

  18. Citislicker

    Citislicker Member

    It must be me. I am the slow one here, Please dumb it down for me.

    1. The .RAR file needs to be opened with another program. the ZIP file does not open so you need to down load the 7-ZIP.org file in order to open.
    2. When the 7-zip file is opened, the file does not show an image because because it is not formatted correctly. WTF !@

    3. The ..xxxx.img FILE is NOT in any of the links provided. Why not simply attach a ZIP file to this process and call it a day. Why make us down load .RAR files with no images ????

    I am buying another unit, and it will not be a ****ing minix. Support ****ing sucks!!
  19. Higgs

    Higgs Yellow Dude Super Moderator


    At least you have acknowledged that it is a PEBKAC error, now lets see if we can narrow it down a bit further, step by step. ;)

    1. I already told you that the img file has to be extracted from the downloaded RAR file and recommended using a download manager to download it.
      Have you downloaded the RAR file using a download manager?

    2. You already know you can use 7-zip to extract the contents of the rar file. (You can also use other programs e.g. WinRAR, Uniextract etc).
      If you are getting an error opening the rar file using 7-zip then its most likely the rar file hasn't been downloaded correctly.
      If you think the file is downloaded correctly the please post a screenshot of the error you are seeing.

    3. Once you have the rar downloaded correctly, then this might help you extracting the img using 7-zip - http://www.howtogeek.com/73904/beginner-how-to-extract-.rar-files-on-windows-7-and-mac-os-x/

    4. One you have the img file extracted to a local drive then we can move on.

    Finally a little piece of moderator advice;
    Please familiarize yourself with the forum rules and forum etiquette particularly in regards to foul language and shouting

    Shouting and swearing will not help you and will only annoy and discourage other members from helping.
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  20. Citislicker

    Citislicker Member

    Thank you Higgs for your help. I am calm now. I normally do not shout and swear. My frustration with this during my vacation time has tested my temper.