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Reflashing the Z64 Android OS (creating rescue disk)

Discussion in 'NEO Z64 Android OS' started by MINIX - Ken, Mar 11, 2015.

  1. Citislicker

    Citislicker Member

    I got it, sometimes we need to step back and rethink this out. I will post some more detail steps needed for others to follow in the unfortunate event this goes wrong for someone. Also, the time on my z64 is off, it seems like it's reading off someone's network and not mine. The internet connection on the top right hand is a blue screen, before I had a double screen & it was like lime green color. Not sure what that is about.

    Thank you again Higgs and I am sorry for my rant!
  2. ramazan1970

    ramazan1970 New Member

    Thank you
    Z64a turned to windowsa
    Again android
  3. Alonzo

    Alonzo New Member

    Hey There,

    Hope someone is still monitoring this thread...
    Followed instructions to reflash the Z64 Android but it doesnt work for me.
    After selecting the “UEFI Shell” as explained in "Z64 reflash Android OS.docx" I get a different result.
    I get the shell prompt and some logs that look like a problem - HardDisk, BlockDevice Alias is null - see attached image (sorry forthe quality).

    Any ideas?
    Could it be the EMMC memory is dead? How can I check it?

    Thanks !

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  4. Chris Page

    Chris Page Member

    I think I had something similar to this, and sorted it by trying different USB and SD Cards.
    I'm not sure what the factor that changes is, but I had to try 4 or 5 different makes and sizes to get something that worked.
    Currently using a PNY 32gb, is was recommended on another forum in relation to the z64.
    That's my best quess only ever had to change about 10 of these from android to windows etc.
  5. K Abdou

    K Abdou New Member

    I did everything, but it won't accept Google account and when it accept one , it doesn't work properly. All Google apps keep crashing or not start.
  6. allenkllow

    allenkllow New Member

    Links dead!! Please update and fix it
  7. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    The Forum Server links in Post #1 are alive! (y)
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  8. skynet

    skynet Moderator Moderator