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Restaure Image with Mecrium not enought USB Port for HDD

Discussion in 'NEO Z64 Windows 10/8.1' started by PLansberg, Nov 30, 2017.

  1. PLansberg

    PLansberg New Member

    I tried the method to backup my Z64 W10 with Macrium Reflect Free
    It’s backup fine, I create the USB flash disk Rescue and I test it
    It’s work perfectly.
    My problem is :
    On the Z64 there is only 2 USB so one with keyboard mouse and one for USB Rescue Key
    Once the Z64 boot on USB rescue key, And the Macrium Reflect Free start I don’t have access to my image on my micro sd, and network do not work (no wifi connected in rescue mode, i did not tried wired with Network cable) , and I don’t have another USB port to connect an hard disk with the image disk to restaure.
    So can I disconnect the USB rescue flash-key to connect instead an HDD with the image to restaure?
    Macrium Reflect Free will need the USB flash key tor restaure an image ?
    Do I need to use a adaptateur to get 3 USB port instead of 2 ?
    Anyone all ready use the restauration image ?