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Running Z64 without display (headless Ubuntu)

Discussion in 'NEO Z64 Android OS' started by wizwiz50, Jul 11, 2015.

  1. wizwiz50

    wizwiz50 New Member


    I would like to run Z64 without screen. It seems it's not able to boot if no screen is plugged. Though it's okay if I unplug it once it has booted.

    Is there anything I could do ?

    Thank you
  2. wizwiz50

    wizwiz50 New Member

  3. vk13488

    vk13488 New Member


    How did you solve this issue?

  4. wizwiz50

    wizwiz50 New Member

    I didn't, I'm waiting for the "headless ghost dongle" to be available. There's the fit-headless as an alterntive. Both are expensive :(
  5. HardwareGuru

    HardwareGuru Developer Administrator

    I am not fermiliar with ubuntu on z64.. Sorry i dont have the awnser guys...

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  6. wizwiz50

    wizwiz50 New Member

    I doesn't seem to be related to Ubuntu, Z64 doesn't try to boot when display is unplugged. I think it's stuck at BIOS POST (even if you plug after power on it will fail).

    Thank you anyway :)
  7. wizwiz50

    wizwiz50 New Member

    I bought fit-headless dongle and it's working fine, z64 is now booting without display
  8. vk13488

    vk13488 New Member

    Yeah, I did the same thing...

  9. boneco69

    boneco69 New Member

    Excuse me because of this post in this old thread... but recently i bought an Z64 ... and installed linux into it to do an openvpn box...
    The same problem that is discussed here is what i have here but, with some trial and error i could boot the box if i do not use the power-on jumper and have the LAN cable connected... but need to press the power-on button. With this setup the Linux boot-up ... or i "say" ... the UEFI doesn't lock. This is an bug in the firmware: If the box doesn't have ethernet and HDMI connected the box wont boot. Also, i can only boot the OS if cable lan active and press power-on button. Using jumper to auto-power-on doesn't work either way.