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Safe-Mode For Neo X5

Discussion in 'NEO X5' started by David White, Aug 11, 2014.

  1. David White

    David White New Member

    Copied over from the old forum in case others can use this.

    Here is how I got into Android Safe Mode on my Neo X5...

    Answered my own question based upon some hints in other posts for other devices... Using a USB keyboard that has dedicated volume up/down buttons (I have a Logitech K400 - pretty decent for use with the Neo btw), reboot the Neo. As the boot animation starts, press and hold BOTH volume up/down buttons until the main screen is shown. You will see "safe mode" in the lower left corner. This worked for me on Finless 1.3 YMMV on other ROMs.
  2. traxdata

    traxdata Retired Super Mod Moderator

    cool, something to bear in mind
  3. rpgmaker

    rpgmaker Member

    Doesn't seem to work on X8-H Plus Finless 2.0 :(