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Scan New Content - no longer gets movie/TV series info

Discussion in 'NEO U1' started by Sherpa25, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. Sherpa25

    Sherpa25 Member

    From the references, it pointed to fixes for using SPMC. It should work too with XBMC v16.3, right? Thanks again.
  2. jph33

    jph33 New Member

    Yes. I tested on my Minix Neo U1. SPMC et Minix Kodi uses the same version definition for these addons.
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  3. jph33

    jph33 New Member

    Please tell me if it solved the issue on your device.

    Envoyé de mon HUAWEI VNS-L31 en utilisant Tapatalk
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  4. Sherpa25

    Sherpa25 Member

    Yes, I'll let you know, though in a couple of days, when I get to use my U1 and find time to tinker with it again. Thanks again. :)
  5. augur

    augur Member

    Thak you very, very, much for this. :notworthy:
    I am a little bit miffed that xbmc for minix uses different versioning numbers to core kodi and no one here, before now, realised it was important/relevant. I'm trying really hard not to look at any of the m̶o̶d̶e̶r̶a̶t̶o̶r̶s̶ admin/moderator/experts team on this Minix forum here, even if I kinda want to. Non omnia possumus omnes (We can't all do everything) and all that.

    I can confirm that these work on my U1 running XBMC for Minix 16.3, I even had a look at the addon.xml in each to see what the changes were (only version number) and that only the addon.xml was modified in each zip (crc was unchanged for other files) - trust, but verify.

    Here's hoping any minor addon updates can also be got to work with a simple xml edit.

    Now, can anyone shine a light on why xbmc/spmc use different version numbers compared to kodi? Other than because they do.

    :edited to expand from moderators to admin/moderator/experts team on this Minix forum
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  6. pusb87

    pusb87 Well-Known Member Trusted Helper

    what on earth is that supposed to mean o_O
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  7. augur

    augur Member

    Non omnia possumus omnes.
    There's a (small) part of me that wonders how come none of the admin/moderator/experts team on this Minix forum knew this so it could have been resolved months ago. Hence the latin quote about how some knowledge can be unknown by even the greatest savant of a subject. The much larger more IT knowledgeable side of me knows better that to randomly assign blame when computer systems go wrong.

  8. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    Speaking as a Moderator I actually have no idea what this thread is about as I don't use this feature in Kodi!
    Also I only pick up the same stuff/info as you do being a member of this Forum. I'm not a developer!
  9. Sherpa25

    Sherpa25 Member

    Perhaps you can keep researching on their processes further to determine the answer.

    What movie/TV scrapers do you use?
  10. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    I don't! o_O
    As I said, I don't, knowingly, use that feature. I generally use Kodi with default settings. I pick some media to watch, and enjoy. :)
  11. Sherpa25

    Sherpa25 Member

    I see. So you don't put fanart on your list of vids. But if I understood your reply earlier, you're saying you don't use these scrapers, but the reason I don't know why. But in case the reason is because you're not familiar with what they do, these scrapers are used to put fanart, banners, posters for your videos when you scroll through them.
  12. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    It's really easy! ;)
    I have media stored on my NAS. I view this media either with Kodi or MX Player Pro. I can read the titles. Who needs fanart, etc...? I don't. It's not important to me! :)
  13. Sherpa25

    Sherpa25 Member

    Well, no need to be haughty with your replies. I just gave a description of what they do as I thought you didn't know what they were. Who cares if you use it or not, nor does it even matter if videos are stored in a NAS or not, it's immaterial. In our case, fanarts help a lot. With the hundreds of videos in the library, you can already see what the film is about. To each his own.
  14. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    Not being haughty! This started because a member doesn't understand what a Moderator is!
    Although I understand now what @augur meant! (y)

    Now you're the one asking me questions! o_O

    This thread doesn't interest me one bit. If I see a member asking about this issue then I can lead them to this thread. I read every post in every thread because I am a Moderator. It doesn't make me an expert!
  15. Sherpa25

    Sherpa25 Member

    Well, I'll take that as cultural differences. But for many, closing a statement this way is sarcastic for a simple question I asked. Sounds arrogant to me.

    And again some sounding sarcasm. 'Who needs fanart?' True, it's not necessarily for everyone to use, but others like it.

    But anyway, as you're a moderator, I'll take it as some cultural difference and typed messages can be easily misinterpreted. Nonetheless, issue appears resolved (though I have yet to test and give feedback to jph33.
  16. augur

    augur Member

    I understand very well what a moderator is :oops:, and with hindsight (the best kind of sight) I could have / should have worded things better. And that small inner voice was partially focused on me too, when trying to figure it out I noticed the different versioning numbers I just didn't know it mattered. Let's just say that when I read jph33's post yesterday I looked for a suitable wall to bang my head against.

    @Villa, as you're a moderator this info really needs to be made a sticky in an XBMC for Minix 16.3 thread so it can be easily found as a non-functioning default scraper is as irritating for some as the mis-functioning back button on the A2 remote. It's a reason people could give for returning boxes, especially if this is an ongoing issue with XBMC for Minix 16.3 until it becomes superseded by XBMC for Minix 17.x
  17. Blazarq

    Blazarq New Member

    Thank you so much jph33. I used this on my new Droidbox which had exactly the same problem and it works perfectly now with themoviedb. :LOL:
  18. Sherpa25

    Sherpa25 Member

    Just advising that it works fine now with your files (just had the chance to install last night), thanks a lot again, appreciate it. (y)
  19. jph33

    jph33 New Member

    Happy to hear that it is working. Finally...

    Envoyé de mon HUAWEI VNS-L31 en utilisant Tapatalk
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  20. Shasoosh

    Shasoosh Member

    The api token was changed so scarping returned "can't find remote error". I've uploaded new versions.

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