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Screen Flashing when connected to Philips LCD TV and seriously laggy

Discussion in 'NEO X6' started by fado5, Dec 16, 2016.

  1. fado5

    fado5 New Member

    Hi guys,
    Having a problem that is currently melting my brain! I bought my sister an X6 which was working fine, then i connected it to my 42 inch Philips LCD TV. Heres the problem,
    -With the TV connected to satellite set top box or anything else via HDMI I have no issue.
    -With Minix connected to any other TV via HDMI I have no issue.
    -When I connect the Minix to the Philips TV I get random flashes of the screen to black, kind of like the TV is trying to change format or something. Happens mostly when moving through the launcher (she uses minix metro but i have tested with android launcher too) but also happens in Kodi. I have tried swapping HDMI leads but makes no difference.
    I have went through the settings of the TV and turned off any auto video settings or any digital upscaling or anything that sounds like it would change something during viewing. Still the same problem.
    I have tried setting the minix settings on both auto output and tried from 720 50hz to 1080p 60hz, all with the same results.
    I tried a reset of user data and cache (using recovery) and as soon as i got to the welcome page it flashed again.
    As well as that it is running very very laggy and slow. I have been using my X8-h Plus all year (I live in another country and home for Christmas) so I was thinking maybe I am used to mine being faster but the more I use it the more I see how slow it actually is, it wasn't like this when I left last year, I would remember it taking 20-30 seconds to open ES File Explorer.
    Now I have reset the minix it is still so so slow. all that is loaded onto it after its own apps is a stock Kodi with 1 addon but it is almost unusable.
    Latest update is installed.
    Please help me before I throw the box in the fire!
  2. fado5

    fado5 New Member

    Anyone have any ideas? I seem to have fixed the lagging issue, used the USB burn tool to flash older 006 firmware and then OTA update.. When it updated during the years obviously didn't take to the update very well.
    Still flashing though, seems to happen mostly (98% of the time) when I'm pressing buttons on the remote, tried with 2 different remotes (stock Minix remote and air Mouse).
    Any ideas?
  3. DarrylC

    DarrylC New Member

    I am having the exact same problem with a U1 but connected to a Samsung TV. It's like the output from the Minix is too weak to be picked up by some TV's - it worked fine with my old Sony Bravia but the new Samsung blanks out every few seconds and reports that signal has been lost. Cable box, PC, everything else works fine - just Minix feed is the problem.
  4. Push

    Push New Member

    Yai me to, any fix out there for that problem I had my minix for two months, without no issues and now... random black screens sucks
  5. DarrylC

    DarrylC New Member

    Hey it turns out my problem was because the Samsung was a 4K TV and is a lot more fussy about the signal quality it receives. I ended up buying new HDMI 2.0 cables (low mid-range, not too fancy) and now the problem is gone. I got cables for both Minix to Receiver as well as Receiver to TV.

    Hope this helps someone.
  6. fado5

    fado5 New Member

    Didn't solve my problem I'm afraid. I tested with both the original HDMI that came with the Minix and with the HDMI that came with my SAT box, both cables had the same issue