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Selectable sleep or deep-sleep

Discussion in 'Firmware Wishlist' started by WilfredG, Aug 10, 2014.

  1. WilfredG

    WilfredG Member


    I would like a setting where I can select the sleep mode of the X8.
    To be sleep (with USB enabled for instance) or deep-sleep (everything off).

    That way I could resume the X8 from sleep with my wireless keyboard.

    Thanks in advance
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  2. satsapper

    satsapper New Member

    +1 Good idea (y)
  3. danlat1415

    danlat1415 Active Member

  4. Forumuser

    Forumuser New Member

  5. JJL

    JJL New Member

  6. BaRiBaL

    BaRiBaL New Member

  7. Serpo

    Serpo New Member

    Yes, would be perfect to have possibility to wake up device from my M2 air mouce or any other usb or Bluetooth (?) remote instead of pushing button on Minix itself (!)
  8. handroid

    handroid New Member

  9. mszczepa

    mszczepa New Member

    BTW my Minix never goes to sleep at all ;( (I can do it from power menu).
  10. sergey

    sergey New Member

    Sleep deep for phones, not for android media players.
  11. ohara

    ohara Member

    +1 in next release please
  12. Rancoon

    Rancoon New Member

  13. jotabe12

    jotabe12 New Member

  14. Dnerve

    Dnerve Active Member

    I'm always happy to have the smallest possible footprint when my devices are unused, I know where you are all getting from in regards to waking up your device through other means than IR and I hope you will get the option to get to choose between deep sleep and sleep but if we can only retain one, I opt for the smallest footprint.

    Sorry lads, I'd love to stick with your wish and I am if the option can be given but we've messed up our planet enough and it starts from little things coming from all of us...
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  15. ohara

    ohara Member

    Greenpeace - just joking.

    IT is there because everything is possible.
  16. Chaz

    Chaz New Member

  17. Nathancs

    Nathancs Member

  18. bandit0

    bandit0 Member

    +1 here too. Non IR remotes need to be able to wake from sleep IMO.
  19. uscool

    uscool New Member

    +1 its crazy for such a device for not to do that, all my other devices can do this ?

    doesnt look great when i need to go to the box to switch it on, seems so old school :(
  20. Anthorn

    Anthorn Member

    Can we get the terms right so idiots like me can understand it: There is no such thing as sleep and deep sleep. There is sleep and stand-by. Typically computers in stand-by mode turn off the USB ports which is what the X8-H is doing. With the USB ports turned off there is no way that anything plugged into them is going to work such as the A2 mouse dongle.

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