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Selectable sleep or deep-sleep

Discussion in 'Firmware Wishlist' started by WilfredG, Aug 10, 2014.

  1. WilfredG

    WilfredG Member

    The phrase deep sleep was introduced by Minix.
    Sleep and deep sleep are technical names for the state an uProcessor can use to reduce power consumption (and commonly used by embedded system programmers).
    A more user friendly name for both states would be nice I think.
  2. uscool

    uscool New Member

    how to i set it so when i press power button it goes to sleep, its strange with the neo m1 remote i could just wake it up by pressing the power button, until that remote died
  3. David Morales

    David Morales New Member

    So, Is the A2 AirMouse going to be possible to "turn on" againg the Minix Neo x8-H from the sleep in the future?
  4. gaby

    gaby New Member

  5. Bigleg

    Bigleg New Member

  6. Vlad Lapsov

    Vlad Lapsov New Member

  7. dekilator

    dekilator New Member

  8. Asher

    Asher New Member

  9. DaveB

    DaveB Member

  10. Bigleg

    Bigleg New Member

    Any response to this Minix? If people mount it to the back of their TV or in a cabinet where there is no IR line of sight, then the only way to turn it on is by manually pushing the on button. Surely the A2 flagship remote should be able to turn it on? Should it not?

    Please give us the option of NO deep sleep. If I want to save some power I'll turn it off.
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  11. Bernard

    Bernard New Member

  12. ALE

    ALE New Member

  13. nbrus

    nbrus New Member

    Surely Minix can please all users by enabling the power state on each USB port (on sleep) to be selectable through the setup menu in the interface?
  14. nbrus

    nbrus New Member

    Another thought ... ditch the built-in IR receiver and build in a dedicated RF receiver (non-usb) into all new Minix devices. This won't help existing users, but at least it will be more useful moving forward ... IR is old technology requiring line-of-sight ... time to move forward.
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  15. Higgs

    Higgs Yellow Dude Super Moderator

    And include an M1 style remote
    Not sure the harmony users will be happy but I would prefer an rf remote too.

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  16. Harry S

    Harry S Member

    i prefer only power on - or off. save energy, save your money, because as all
    of such things we have around in our households who are alive on standby :p
    it's a huge waste (counted within a year).

    keep my 5 cents :cool: