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simple smb/cifs and local file video player

Discussion in 'MINIX & General Android Apps' started by stooged, Jun 24, 2017.

  1. stooged

    stooged New Member

    I made this for my minix x8 players and thought I would share it with other minix owners.


    it is just a simple video media player to play files from a smb/cifs share or from the device like hdd/memory stick.
    I just wanted something simple that was easy to use with the minix remote to play videos, most apps are just too complicated or have a lot of features that i found were really not needed when you just want to binge watch a tv series.
    i also wanted something that would play to the end of the folder so i could watch whole seasons without having to select play on each video.

    the minix supports a good range of video codecs so the my app plays most of my collection but it also has an option to use an external player to play the videos like vlc.

    if you don't like it or find there are better apps out there that's fine i just wanted to share it with other minix users as it made my minix much better for me to use as it is like my older non android astone media players now :D