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SixAxis Controllers

Discussion in 'Beta Firmware' started by Mikael Bäckström, Aug 24, 2014.

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  1. Mikael Bäckström

    Mikael Bäckström New Member


    I see that the latest betas support SixAxis controllers. I tried to find any information on how to connect them but failed.

    Anyone who knows?
  2. Jacob

    Jacob New Member

    No idea buy yourself moga pro controller work perfect and dead easy to configure it
  3. no_spam_for_me

    no_spam_for_me New Member

    I think only via USB and not via BT...
  4. Ubermeister

    Ubermeister New Member

    Maybe this could be a solution? (I have not tried it yet)
    Search for: pocketables /2012/04/connecting-a-ps3-controller-wirelessly-on-android-without-root-using-usbbt-joystick-center.
    (I cant post a webadress cause im a newbie)

    I installed the latest Beta, and i can now use, via usb cable: Sixaxis ps3 controller and xbox controller (non genuine xbox controller)
  5. C@bleKill3r

    C@bleKill3r Member

    Fellas, I've scoured the web and this forum and can't find a clear answer so I have to ask again. Are you guys working on making ps3 controller work (via BT) or is this a problem due to the arm processor? Possibly fixed on official 002 or beta 9? I know it works via USB but BT would be sick.

    Thanks guys.... Keep at it.
  6. rdnckreaper

    rdnckreaper New Member

    the support is for wired not wireless. you have to use sixaxis controller with rooted system. you canot have airmouse connected when using sixaxis. had to use wired mouse while setting it up and connecting to controller.

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  7. C@bleKill3r

    C@bleKill3r Member

    Thanks rdnckreaper, but this does not answer my question. And for the record, mine works fine with the sixaxis app via USB AND airmouse connected. Again - I'm inquiring about BT connectivity - if/when support may be added.

    Neo - X8-h
  8. rdnckreaper

    rdnckreaper New Member

    that is what I'm talking about to. they're is a Bluetooth app and wired app....the Bluetooth app works as long as neo a2 isn't being used. I can use both when using wired. I mean I was able to use six axis controller via Bluetooth with no problem as long as neo a2 want plugged in.

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  9. C@bleKill3r

    C@bleKill3r Member

    Oh ok... Well then I envy you because I can't get mine to work with out without the airmouse. Sixaxis detects the controller and its address but I get stuck at segmentation fault like many others. I am rooted on beta 8 with most recent version of sixaxis. Tried settings address via PC app too. Anything else you think applies?

  10. rdnckreaper

    rdnckreaper New Member

    i am only able to get it to work with a standard wired usb plugged in instead of airmouse. you might also be able to get it to work using the remote app and feature of minix settings.
    i will tell you also that newegg has a nonps3 controller that is bluetooth and is setup just like ps3.

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    ENDRJUPL Well-Known Member Super Moderator

  12. C@bleKill3r

    C@bleKill3r Member

    Thanks ENDRJUPL - Tried Higgs suggestion to no avail. Still unable to get this to work and still not sure if I should even be trying. I don't know how much clearer I can ask this question but I will try again. Has ANYONE been successful at connecting a genuine ps3 controller WIRELESSLY to a minix x8-h. It works for those on the older x7 model so it really disappoints me that it doesn't work on the newer one. If its not yet supported, I'd love to know if anyone is working on it for future firmware. I see a lot of other people asking about this but all threads either end with only assumptions or with no conclusion at all. If someone has been able to do this, please share. Devs - Can you look into this please and at the very least - answer my question. Does it work? Will it ever work? How?

    Thank you
  13. C@bleKill3r

    C@bleKill3r Member

    One more thing I just want to elaborate on. If anyone has some tips on how to make this work, please also tell if your advice has worked for you yourself or if you are just offering ideas. So far it seems there are people offering there thoughts (which are appreciated) but they've not actually put them to the test or been successful.
  14. C@bleKill3r

    C@bleKill3r Member

  15. Mikael Bäckström

    Mikael Bäckström New Member

    Yep, still waiting also. @HardwareGuru ? Do you have any input on the subject?
  16. nnever2000

    nnever2000 New Member

    I just buyed a mediacom gamepad controller, work great using BT widthout any driver.
  17. C@bleKill3r

    C@bleKill3r Member

    Yes thank you. There are plenty of alternative gamepads that are known working. Still, this thread is about the sixaxis controller.
  18. C@bleKill3r

    C@bleKill3r Member

    Devs, do you have anything at all on this? Is it too low on the priority list right now or is something bigger than that? Can you give me a hint as to where the problem exists? Maybe I can stir something up on another forum. -thanks
  19. rdnckreaper

    rdnckreaper New Member

    you have to use the six axis controller app and NO air mouse

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  20. Vidman

    Vidman Member

    ... So device must be rooted?
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