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sleep/wake remote bug

Discussion in 'X8 - X8H Official Firmware 002' started by whitee, Jan 3, 2015.

  1. whitee

    whitee New Member

    I have both measy RC11 and RC12 usb remotes. Before firmware2 i was able to put it into sleep mode and also power it off and wake it via the remote. But now, since firmware2 I can only put it to sleep and I can't wake it only via the IR remote or the power button on my x8h.

    Can anyone shed some light on the problem.

    Thanks for the help and discussion in advance.
  2. Fab

    Fab New Member

    In there 'wisdom', Minix decided to remove this feature from their firmware. In effect, they have hobbled this device after people bought them. At the very least they should have placed an option in MBox settings to allow deep sleep or not. Had something to do with power consumption in standby (a few watts vs. Less than one.... big deal) and USB HD's not spinning down (so I heard). Would have been nice to still have normal sleep as I don't care about a couple watts and don't use a USB HD.
  3. Yaron

    Yaron Member

    I have the same issue. Often the system can't wake up (you can hear it's on but there is no picture) and doesn't response to on and off so you have to manually disconnect it from the AC, reconnect and turn on from the unit itself.
    I'm looking forward for minix response to the issue. So far they avoid responsing although users have reported it many times.
  4. EdT586

    EdT586 Member

    You guys are late to complain, a bunch of us complained back in December when we updated to v002 and we got banned. Somehow Minix listened to a few that wanted their HDD to shut off while 99% don't care about that went on deaf ears !

    Another thing that is a joke is that after 6 months of betas and testing for F/W v002 you would think they got it right, but they came out with 2 more updates in the same months because if you didn't plug in one of their air mouses your X8/X8-H's CPU would overheat !
  5. whitee

    whitee New Member

    Thanks guys for the replys and for the discussions!
  6. SilverArrow

    SilverArrow New Member

    I wanted the usb drive to shutdown, but with the 002 when in sleep mode, the usb disk doesn't shutdown and I can't wakeup minix with my Mele F10.