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Slow buffering in Kodi

Discussion in 'Kodi/XBMC for MINIX' started by MovesLikeSwayze, Dec 28, 2015.

  1. MovesLikeSwayze

    MovesLikeSwayze New Member

    Hey guys, I'm new to Minix devices and android boxes in general so excuse any of my ignorance. Got my U1 a few days ago and have been overall very happy with it but I'm noticing very slow buffering times while streaming with Kodi. I find myself waiting up to 5 minutes for it to buffer until the cache is full (which isn't much, but I've read minix will be resolving this in the next fw update), so it works out to watch for 5 minutes, wait for 5 minutes, repeat.
    I'm connected via ethernet cable to a wifi range extender that my Internet company provided, the modem is in another room about 25 feet away. I ran the ookla speed test and got 55 mbps download. This should in theory be plenty for any content I'm trying to stream. Watching HD videos on YouTube is no problem and loads quickly. But it seems no matter what I choose to watch via Kodi streaming, it's slow to buffer. I've used lesser streaming boxes (albeit not of my own in my house with my setup) with no wait times in Kodi. Is this just a matter of busy servers? Is there something aside from download speed that could be hampering my connection? Any insight would be appreciated!
  2. samok.no

    samok.no New Member

    That never happen to me on Minix X5,X7,X8 and U1. I stream with XBMC/KODI everyday..... i have a 30 mb Internett connection (27-28 on test, WIFI)
    Did you update the firmware to the latest, and change to XBMC for Minix or Kodi 16.4?
  3. awandroidbox

    awandroidbox New Member

    I also am new to minix devices and android boxes. I also just got my U1 last week and am having the same problem with streaming Kodi. I have been using XBMC for Minix. I am connected through ethernet directly to the modem and have no problem streaming youtube or browsing.
    I have updated twice since i got the box on Dec 31st but am not at home so can't confirm which version i running.
  4. newbie99

    newbie99 Ex Moderator

  5. MovesLikeSwayze

    MovesLikeSwayze New Member

    I have latest firmware 004 and downloaded xbmc for minix 15.3 with supposed upgraded cache allowance, and no difference from the Kodi it came with. Slow buffering shouldn't really have anything to do with cache size anyway, but with that being said, the cache still fills up just as quick as it does in Kodi.
  6. awandroidbox

    awandroidbox New Member

    I am coming from a place with very basic knowledge of Kodi and how it works so I am I just naive in my expectations that kodi streams should load as fast as youtube videos when i am connected via ethernet?
    I don't really know what "upgrade cache allowances" is but is that important for me to upgrade or would i already have done that with the latest xbmc for minix?
    ALso, thanks for responding! I am just beginning to see how much I still need to learn so I appreciate any and all of the help.
  7. MovesLikeSwayze

    MovesLikeSwayze New Member

    Well this is my thread, so I'm actually just responding to Newbie99 who seems to suggest I increase my cache allowance, and I'm still looking for help with my issues. However, for you I'd suggest running the ookla speed test so you're certain it's not your Internet connection that's the problem, then download xbmc 15.3 for minix and use that instead of Kodi and see if it's better, however in my experience, as you can see by my above post, it's made no difference. And yes, it'd be naive to think YouTube and streaming through Kodi to come at the same speed. YouTube server bandwidth is gigantic and has a giant team of engineers constantly optimizing it, Kodi does not and the sites it picks to stream from are often overloaded.
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  8. Don Grimme

    Don Grimme Member

    Slow buffering is not a problem with the device. [And, if you're getting 55 Mbps download speed (on your Minix box, not just on a PC directly connected to the modem), your Internet connection and WiFi also are not to blame.] It's a problem with the sources that Kodi add-ons access. Genesis, for example, has become terrible. I've been getting best results with Phoenix, 123Movies, and UMP (Universal Media Provider). And I'll probably spend a few bucks on Real-Debrid, which provides faster HD streams which Genesis, SALTS, and (I believe) iStream can access.
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  9. MovesLikeSwayze

    MovesLikeSwayze New Member

    FYI, cache, in this instance, is temporary data saved on your hard drive from streams that your box reads and plays back over your TV. When you pick a stream, it first has to save the data in the cache, this is the buffering process, and then it plays it back. There's often a cap to how much data that is allowed to be cached, but that can be altered so the bigger your allowed cache, the less buffering is needed throughout the playback of that stream.
  10. MovesLikeSwayze

    MovesLikeSwayze New Member

    Yes, it's 55mbps to the box. I've been suggested to try phoenix as well, so I'll give it a shot.
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  11. premiump

    premiump Member

    Don Grimme is spot on. Genesis is terrible, the devs are no longer working on it/keeping it maintained. Both Phoenix and 123movies are superb add-ons, though depending on where you live, you may need to run a vpn to use 123movies (I live in UK, and my ISP blocks it, so I need a vpn).
  12. jimbonice

    jimbonice Member

    Who's repo is 123movies on?

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  13. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    Do you have Fusion Addon Installer installed! ;)
  14. premiump

    premiump Member

    Fusion will install it as Villa says, but its actually on Mucky Ducks repo. 9 Movies and Pubfilm are also on Mucky Ducks and they are both worth a look. Cheers
  15. pusb87

    pusb87 Well-Known Member Trusted Helper

    as Genesis is so terrible can we look forward to seeing your addons ...show a little respect for Lambda please
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  16. premiump

    premiump Member

    No disrespect intended, I'm just voicing my opinion. Genesis has been the standard that all other addons have had to try to live up to, but as its no longer being maintained, its quickly become a hit and miss affair.

    I have read that Lambda is working on a new add-on, which may or not be charged for. Fair enough, good luck to him, why not be recompensed for his hard work? I couldn't build an add-on to save my life, I wouldn't know where to start.

    My "terrible" comment wasn't perhaps aimed at Genesis itself, but more the links it returns, many of them now dead. Both Phoenix and 123movies don't provide a long list of links to try, for the most part they just work, which is why I prefer them ... again my opinion.

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  17. smera

    smera Member

  18. MovesLikeSwayze

    MovesLikeSwayze New Member

    Started using Phoenix, you're right, it's superb. No buffering times, no cache full messages, HD quality, able to skip ahead without waiting. Thanks!
  19. Don Grimme

    Don Grimme Member

    Indeed, I wasn't criticizing Lambda, per se. Any more than I criticize myself for not having updated my installation & users guide for KodiMaster's Andys Build (IMO the one Kodi build to rule them all), now version 7. Stuff like this is a labor of love and I get to it when I get to it. But, just as it is valid for someone to point out whatever limitations my guide now has, I believe it is valid to point out the current limitations of Genesis.

    From a user's point of view, 123Movies, Phoenix, UMP, and even SALTS are much better for watching HD movies and TV series with little or no buffering. The features of Genesis trump all the others, but its performance has ground to a standstill. I'm sure we're all waiting with bated breath for its resurrection (under whatever name) ... even if we have to pay a little bit for Real Debrid to take advantage of it.
  20. premiump

    premiump Member