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[Solved]I want to root my Minix Device

Discussion in 'NEO X8-H, X8 Plus & X8' started by UJcDV, Jun 7, 2015.

  1. UJcDV

    UJcDV New Member


    As the title says I want to root my Minix Neo X8-H Android TV device. I am running the latest and greatest firmware from the OTA app tool. I did have it rooted before but I am guessing an update has wiped that out. BUT, it has also wiped out the way to root the device.

    I used to just go to settings and choose other then system update then I could choose neo x8h_root_update.zip

    But all it does now is just open the OTA update app tool. And the Update&Backup app is gone from the app drawer. So how do I root the device if the tools are gone?
  2. UJcDV

    UJcDV New Member

    Okay never mind, I was able to find the tool and used to root. I'm all set.
  3. sasharoo

    sasharoo New Member

    I had the same problem when upgrading firmware. Where did you find the tool (Backup & Update) I assume.
  4. UJcDV

    UJcDV New Member

    I pm'd you

    ENDRJUPL Well-Known Member Super Moderator

    If you find a solution to a problem, post it on the forum so other people may benefit from it too. Cheers.
  6. UJcDV

    UJcDV New Member

    Okay ...

    I did not think Minix wanted to have this out there so openly but here it is -
    To root your device, you will need to the Backup and restore tool and also the root update. The backup too was removed from the later firmware's because people were getting confused on what app to use to update their device.

    I've attached both files to this post.

    To root your minix device you will need the "neo x8h_root_update.zip" file (I have attached it to this post), then you will need to put that zip file (don't open it) on an SD card and place it in the minix device. Do not use a usb stick as the android system will mount that as read only (just like the rest of the android file system), and SD card will be mounted as read/write.

    Ok so yo have the zip file and its on the SD card and placed in the minix device, now you need to update. IF you have the latest and greated firmware, you will need something else. The "OTAUpgrade.apk" file, this is the original Backup & Restore android app the minix came with. With the new firmware releases, they removed it because people got confused which one to use.
    Download that zip file ( I attached it to this post) and open it. Put the APK file on the minix device anyway you want and install it. Remember to change your settings to allow installs from unknown sources.

    Now that you have the apk installed, you should see the Backup & Restore app in your app drawer. Run it and choose select, then choose neo x8h_root_update.zip on your ext SD card. Then update. The system will reboot, and more than likely will ask you what you want to do, just follow the prompts and choose your external SD card and the zip file.

    when it's all done, it will restart your system and the device will be fully rooted. You can check if your rooted properly by using some apps on the play store, I used "root checker". Or, ES file explorer will tell you also I think.

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  7. sasharoo

    sasharoo New Member

    Thank you much
    I have been able to install the "Backup & Update" file. I was looking for the wrong file name. Once I saw your file I was able to find on the upgrade to version 002.
    I already had rooted my unit.
    Thanks once again for your help.
  8. Jackraven

    Jackraven New Member

    What are the benefits of having your Minix rooted?
  9. sasharoo

    sasharoo New Member

    There might be many benefits to root the device. Some addons/apps only install or run if the Minix is rooted.
    I use "Kodi Tools" to install and update the file "LIBRTMP" which is easier than digging way down to replace the file as you would do in windows.
    To use the addon "TV Portuguesa" you need to keep your LIBRTMP updated. Kodi tools makes this process easy, but it needs the system rooted to install and update.
    I am not aware of any other addons that may require it, however, there may be more that I am not aware.
    However, if you would like to root it, I have never had any problems with having the MINIX rooted.
    The post above from "UJcDV" has the zip files that you can use to root the Minix and the zip for "Backup & Update" that was in the drawer before installing all the firmware upgrades.
    also there is a post from "GUFONE" with 2 files. One to root and one to unroot.
    I hope this puts some light on your question!
  10. UJcDV

    UJcDV New Member

    For me, I root the device because I'm using it as a "Android Linux Server". Custom SSH install along with other things like trying to install NX or some version of it (unsuccessfully so far) as I hate VNC and other tools like that. I suppose I could have just built a computer and installed Linix on it but I like the Minix device. I see android hardware devices as the future, but want some of the same functionality as you can get in a Linux distro, and for that, I need the device rooted.
  11. Peetel

    Peetel New Member

    I wonder if this rooting method works with 9th official firmware. I've tried the method posted by GUFONE and haven't work with this firmware (made my day :( ). I hope someone who has tried it can tell me...

  12. dryster

    dryster Active Member

    I don't root my MINIX because it runs the Channel 4 app very well, and that particular app will not run on a rooted device.
  13. Peetel

    Peetel New Member

    I couldn't wait and I tried to root using this method and yes, it works with 9th official firmware (03.2016)

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  14. brian 57

    brian 57 New Member

    i have the NEO X8-H with kit kat 4.4.2 &I did exactly everything you discribed, it rebooted with the android robot but with an exclamation mark on the robot. on the left side where the different paths are to choose from all it said was to restart. when rebooted, opened the root checker & said device needs to be rooted. i cant put on the latest firmware until the device is rooted.
  15. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    What is it you want to do?
    You do not need root to update the firmware!
  16. brian 57

    brian 57 New Member

    Trying to get Kodi 17 in my device so i can add titan builds. wont allow me to do this until i root the device. ( sorry about this, very new to Minix & forums etc)