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[SOLVED] Screen becomes green/purple

Discussion in 'NEO U1' started by Foreman34, Jan 6, 2016.

  1. mahertheone

    mahertheone New Member


    I have a Phillips 42pfl5604h (a 42' TV made in 2009) & keep getting the green screens *even* with the latest firmware & the RGB mode.

    It seems to be more frequent in 1080p than in 720p resolution, but otherwise - there's no way to avoid it completely. I hope a fix can be add in future Firmware.
  2. Aristothenes

    Aristothenes New Member

    NEO U1 and Samsung UE40KU6400U LED 4K Ultra HD Smart TV does the same thing.
    Using the standard U1 remote, turning off and then on again resolves the problem but is irritating.

    U1 has FW011
    HDMI version is 2.0a
  3. mahertheone

    mahertheone New Member

    - Try to change the resolution - it usually fix it for a while. Also try 720p (50 or 60) resolution.

    I wonder if it has to do with the graphics chip of the unit.
  4. mahertheone

    mahertheone New Member

    Try with resolution of 1080i 24Hz - no green screens so far.
  5. mahertheone

    mahertheone New Member

    I think
  6. mahertheone

    mahertheone New Member

    Unfortunately not. Still green screens, even with the new FW (feb 17').

    EDIT (22/5/2017) - SOLVED finally. When starting the U1, go to settings & disable the RGB. Exit the settings. Go back & enable the RGB. The screen will turn green. Now plug out the HDMI cable and it will revert to normal. That's it - the green screens wouldn't be seen again.
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  7. animest4r

    animest4r New Member

    This happens to me if i put the minix neo u1 to suspend and resume mode when i press the power button. So i set the power button to shut down and turn on when pressed.
  8. Flora

    Flora New Member

    I've tried everything suggested in this thread and nothing works with my Sony Bravia KDL-46Z4500. Still get green/purple screen. Can't find what level HTML it is (1, 1.3, 1.4 ?) but it is certainly not HTML 2. Although I love my U1 Looks like getting a Minix with all the bells and whistles was a mistake. Is there another Minix that will talk to a Sony Bravia with an earlier version of HTML?
  9. mike113

    mike113 New Member

    i have a Sony KDL-37EX401 which was effected by this issue too. I used to own a Minix Neo X8-H plus which never suffered from this. Anyway I updated the firmware in the TV as well as the latest FW Feb 2017.
    I tried what was advised above and so far it's working, havent tested for long enough to be 100% certain. One thing i notice, the image isnt fitting exactly the screen size it's at 99% but if the purple/green effect stays off i can live with the screen size.
  10. mike113

    mike113 New Member

    Still switching to green/purple every so often, very random, very disappointed with this box! have tried all the suggestions here, so will Minix maybe look into it and come up with a solution?
  11. Casper562

    Casper562 New Member

    I fixed the issue i have an older phillips tv. Set to force rgb and i connected a plater 3 to 1 switch (hdmi)
    1080p 60hz
    Not a green screen in sight.
  12. Gili elias

    Gili elias New Member

    Hey you can give more details please also i have an old philips tv and minix u9 with the same problem
  13. antonioSLB

    antonioSLB New Member

  14. Flora

    Flora New Member

    Anyone still having problems, try a factory reset. This is the only thing that worked for me.
  15. Oreny1306

    Oreny1306 New Member

    Hi i have philips 65PUS8700 4k.
    And have the same problem (green screen)...
    But the big issue is that i run the media from smart tv application not from hdmi hw connection.
    What can i do icant change resolution in the app...
    There is way to set it on the tv?
    Tx for your help
  16. mahertheone

    mahertheone New Member

    The hardware in the Philips set is usually too weak to run a new (H264 encoded) video files. Try a Streamer - they're really cheap now.